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By this year, SuperMarioGlitchy4 had already started using Sony Vegas. Later this year, this began to mean widescreen uploads, new fonts, and use of the ever-loved font "Verdana".

2012 is, with 2011, the year in which SMG4's YouTubers friends appeared the most frequently in his bloopers (they later decreased in appearances, as they stopped to appear as regularly after the video Befriend the End, but it's on 2013 that they really started to decrease (due to SMG4 decided to focus more on Mario characters), and they rarely appeared as important characters since the last months of 2013, and 2014 is the year in which they appear the least, with several videos in which they didn't even made any cameo).

A large-ish number of SMG4's best work was made in 2012, but it hadn't yet devolved into the crazy random type of stuff that he uploads today.

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