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Late into 2014, SuperMarioGlitchy4 suddenly stopped using Verdana and Super Mario 256 fonts in favor of text presets. This detail aside, the bloopers uploaded during this year remained at high levels of quality. SMG4 fans saw the creation of subseries such as Guards N' Retards, Cooking with Bowser and Mario! and Super Pokeman 64 Bloopers. SMG4's YouTuber friends very rarely appeared as major characters, as they had started to decrease in appearances on 2013, due to SMG4 decided to focus more on official Mario characters and characters from other games and media, rather than YouTubers. They still made some cameo appearances, in the Ssenmodnar series for example. However, Starman3 totally disappeared for a while after the last 2013 video because SMG4 wasn't friends anymore with him. He finally forgave him near August, but since that date he only made two cameo appearances, in Mario for Hire and War of the Fat Italians 2014 respectively, and he hasn't appeared in any 2015 blooper. On 2014, some characters like Steve and the Teletubbies made more frequent appearances.

2014 marked the production of several more Ssenmodnar specials. Glitchy also reached his 200-video milestone, which was instead celebrated with a semi-live-action blooper. On that topic, SMG4 finally showed his face, first revealing his real-life self during his ALS challenge video.

SMG4 decided to start making his own personalized thumbnails for his videos instead of using pictures made by Kulit7215 on DeviantArt as in 2013. Unlike the ones of Kulit, those title cards rarely featured the title of the video, but were a bit more relevant to the blooper and the characters featured on them appeared more often as Super Mario 64 models.

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