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SMG4's videos got a lot crazier in 2016. In the first video, Mario ends up in Luke/SMG4's house and they fight off monsters. SMG4 also started to use a thing called Garry's Mod much more often (which started back in 2014) and continued being used but saw a notable uptick this year. A few new series were introduced, with one example being SMG4 N' Pals which hasn't received anymore videos since July 2.

2016 was also the year SMG4 reached 1 Million Subs. His YouTube friends once again rarely appeared (just like in 2014 and 2015); however this time they appeared much less and SMG4 himself was also barely around and is normally pushed into the background. This also applies for SMG3Fishy Boopkins and Bob (two characters praised by some people and controversial to others) make their debuts this year. Luigi also got a redesign on March 7 in SM64 Shorts: The Plumber Problem to match his look from the main Nintendo canon as a Super Mario 64 model.

SMG4 started including a lot of side characters this year (some of which are from SML) such as Woody from Toy Story, Shrek from Shrek, Kermit The Frog from The Muppets, etc. Many characters still puledl their retarded tricks now and then and aren't seen in their SM64 forms as much as they were back in the golden age in favor of G. Mod. Mario is normally seen with his big-sideways eyes whenever his Super Mario 64 form appears. SMG4 even started including more Mario characters such as Bowser Jr., Waluigi, Wario, Toadette, etc. Most of the videos of 2016 are less adventurous like they were back in the older videos and are more random and crazy than ever. The Real SMG4 also did videos (with his brother Kevin) in new series such as The SMG4 Show and SMG4 Mail. On November 28, SMG4 even deleted his gaming channel SMG4 Gaming AKA SMG4's Second Channel in favor of a newly created one with his brother: Hobo Bros.

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