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SMG4's bloopers in 2017 have changed by a mile. The first video of the year was basically a rehash of every event from 2016. SMG4 started to use Garry's Mod much more than ever before. He also varies in the setting of his bloopers and is starting to use less of his Super Mario 64 areas and it's ROM hacks in his video's. He also introduces custom SM64 models for characters. He even started to make parodies of existing Mario games as his bloopers with the word "stupid" instead of "super" for example R64: Stupid Mario Galaxy instead of Super Mario Galaxy where Mario basically goes on a similar adventure but with a lot more retardedness and a lot more cartoony humor.

SMG4's YouTube friends are also rarely seen in fact they only appeared in a few videos so far example was SSENMODNAR 12 - STOLEN SPAGHETTI EDITION. Fishy Boopkins and Bob started making heaps of appearances throughout the year. As far as bloopers go, some of the plots are recycled from earlier bloopers and like 2016, many videos (apart from the "Stupid Mario" parodies) have more retardedness and randomness than adventure. Characters like Bowser Jr., Toadette, Woody, Professor E. Gadd and Frankie started to appear much more often too. Steve has also made occasional appearances as well. Even Teletubbies started to decrease in appearances too.

SMG4 as a character rarely appears too just like in 2016 and the second half of 2015. SMG4 also changed his YouTube banner and YouTube channel slogan (the slogan was changed 3 times) very early on in the year due to the fact that he rarely includes multicolored Marios in his videos in favor of random retardedness and memes. Mario is also seen in his derp eyes more than ever before.


Episode list

  1. SM64: RETARDED RECAP 2016
  2. We are number one but it's a Waluigi parody
  4. R64: Mario's Road Trip
  5. SM64 Bloopers: Who let the chomp out...AGAIN!?
  6. SM64 Valentines 2017: GET THE GIRL!
  7. R64: Stupid Smash Bros
  8. SM64: Mario gets a Nintendo Switch!
  9. If Mario was in... Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
  10. R64: Mario The Waiter
  11. SMG4: Mario goes to DIDNEY WORL
  12. The Mario Channel: Mario Vs Wild
  13. R64: Stupid Mario Party
  14. SMG4: Welcome To The Kushroom Mingdom
  15. The Mario Channel: MARIOBUSTERS
  16. R64: Stupid Mario Kart
  17. SMG4: Marioception
  18. SMG4: MarioTube
  19. R64: Stupid Mario Galaxy
  20. SMG4: Super BACKWARDS Bros
  21. ♫ The Ultimate Smash Bros ♫
  22. R64: Mario's Boat Trip
  23. SMG4: Mighty Morphin' Mario Rangers
  24. SMG4: Stupid Mario Sunshine
  25. SMG4: Stupid Mario Odyssey
  27. The Grand Mario Hotel
  28. SMG4: If Mario Was In... Splatoon
  29. SMG4: Stupid Paper Mario
  30. SMG4: High School Mario
  31. SMG4: MarioTube 2
  32. Mario VS Sonic: PRANK BATTLE
  33. SMG4: AREA 64
  34. Stupid Mario Rabbids
  35. The Mario Channel: MARIO'S CHALLENGE
  36. SMG4: Mario The Boy Scout
  37. SMG4: Mario VS Donkey Kong
  39. SMG4: Stupid Luigi's Mansion
  40. SMG4: War of the Fat Italians 2017
  41. If Mario was in... Cuphead
  42. SMG4: Stupid Mario Odyssey 2
  43. SMG4 Halloween 2017: Trick Or Treat Wars
  44. SMG4: Wild, Wild Mario
  45. If Mario was in... Assassin's Creed Origins
  46. SMG4: The Movie Audition
  47. SMG4: Mario's Train Trip
  48. Mushrooms & Morons: Quest for the Spaghetti of Power
  49. SMG4: Mario University
  50. SMG4: Stupid Mario World
  51. SMG4 Christmas 2017: The XMAS Discovery
  52. SMG4: New Year, New Mario

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