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I’m coming, spaghetti gods...

—Clone Mario, 2nd to last words before his death.

I'll always be right here.

—Clone Mario, to Mario in his last moments.

The Cherry Clone Mario was Mario's clone from SMG4: Stupid Mario 3D World, created through a Double Cherry powerup.


When Mario, LuigiPrincess Peach, and Toad came through a third warp pipe, Mario was so angry over having to go through another world that he shot a monster named Hisstocrat. The creature then dropped a Double-Cheery power-up and Mario proceeded to eat it, thus Mario's clone was born. The clone shares Mario's behavior, cravings, and intellectual disability. The plumber is happy to see his clone (unintentionally forgetting about Luigi's existence), which annoys Toad, considering that one Mario was already bad enough.

When Bowser appeared, the gang immediately fought him, with the clone joining in. Both him and Mario ground-pounded Bowser's face, much to the Koopa King's surprise as there are two Marios. Upon Bowser's transformation into Meowser, he shot a fireball at Mario, but the clone, not wanting his "brother" to die, sacrificed himself and was burned to death. His final words were "I'll always be right here." in which he was pointing to Mario's heart.



  • He is similar to Beta Luigi, another clone.
    • He is also similar to Clone Luigi as they're both clones of one of the Mario Bros. and died in their first appearances (although Clone Luigi was introduced two years before Clone Mario).
  • Though he is a clone of Mario, he does not seem to be as durable as his original self, as a single fireball was enough to kill him.
    • Canonically, a Double Cherry clone is exactly the same as the "original", and only the last one standing is given durability, making it entirely possible that the original Mario sacrificed himself for the clone, but it doesn't matter since they were technically the same Mario split into two.
      • However, when the avatar concept is applied, it's likely that the original was the one who survived.
    • Clone Mario was the third character whose death was presented in a serious manner. The first is King Bob-omb, the second was his son, the fourth was Desti, the fifth was Francis, the sixth was New Super Duper Mario Plus Ultra, the seventh is Greg The Alien, the eighth was Spudnick and ninth was Axol.


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