Club Pingas was a nightclub owned by Dr. Eggman. It appears for the first time in R64: Son of a bowser., and then again in SM64 Bloopers: Shell Shocked. Not much is known about it, other than the fact that Dr. Eggman owns it and that it has Po as a stripper.


R64: Son of a bowser.

Dr. Eggman is seen as the owner of the club. Mario and Bowser go to this club in attempt to find Bowser Jr. after Bowser accidentally called him a bad name. Bowser Jr. is found in this club with his "new cool uncle." As they find him, Mario passes out, while Bowser accidentally breaks a Donkey Kong hole in the building, angering Dr. Eggman.

SM64 Bloopers: Shell Shocked

It is where Mario and company are celebrating Toadsworth's "birthday" before Crazy Koopa comes in searching for shells. After a brief encounter between Toad and Crazy Koopa, the club finds itself in disrepair, much to the horror of Dr. Eggman.


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