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Say goodbye to one of your members!

—The Crazy Toilet Dude, about to finish off MCG in The Crazy Fighters

The Crazy Toilet Dude is a character in the Super Mario 64 Bloopers. He loves his water closet, Mr. Toilet, feeding him Doritos and playing with him. The Crazy Toilet Dude appeared with Old Guy as well.


The Crazy Toilet Dude is insane (completely), and black. He thinks Mr. Toilet is real, and feeds it Doritos. He's also weaponed with a rifle.



  • This character was thought of by FightingMario54321.
  • For some reason, Mr. Toilet is absent in Sonic The Derphog: The Evilness of Eggman (?), in an odd first for CTD as he was barely seen separated from him. Because of this, the black guy might be The Bomber from President Toad Washington.
  • The Crazy Toilet Dude is one of the three minor characters to reappear in a recent Blooper after a long absence, the other ones being John Gayham and The Visitor (Gayham and The Crazy Toilet Dude didn't appear for one and a half year, while The Visitor was away for three years). However, it might just be their color codes re-used.

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