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Say goodbye to one of your members!

—The Crazy Toilet Dude, about to finish off MCG in The Crazy Fighters

The Crazy Toilet Dude, Toilet Guy or Crazy Guy was a minor antagonist in the SMG4 series.

He is an old man that loves his water closet, Mr. Toilet, feeding him Doritos and playing with him. The Crazy Toilet Dude appeared with Old Guy as well.


The Crazy Toilet Dude first appear in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Crazy Fighters where he entered the castle and most of the people in there mistook him with SMG4's grandma. But when X asked him who "she" really is, though he spoke gibberish until he told them that he will kill them all and revealed that he was armed with a toilet which make everyone panic. Everyone then went outside except FM who stayed to face him (Though he survived the encounter and went outside shortly afterward). He then shoved a toilet on Toad's head and threw him outside the castle. He later plays with Mr. Toilet and tried to put some babies in him. Later, he went outside and told everyone to shut up due to the fact that he was trying to put Mr. Toilet to sleep and couldn't make it while they scream their plan to exclude him from the castle out loud. Some times later, during Mario's training, he accidentally threw Shou Zou into him though the dude didn't see who has done it and warn them that the one who did this would get a toilet on his head which cause Mario to run back slowly. Some times later, he was feeding Mr. Toilet with Doritos when someone rang the door. It was Mario pretending to be a "bra dude" and told the old man that he had bras that comes with toilet sizes. Though he realized that he didn't need them and when he turned around, he saw SMG4 pretending to be a toilet repair man and the old man decided to trow him outside along with Mario. When the door rang again, it was Mario and Ruffman pretending to be delivery men. The old man told them that he didn't order anything but Mario claims that they were a "sweet toilet" inside the box with spaghetti. He agreed but realized that the "legit document" asked him to become a "Mexican gay" if he signed the paper. Ruffman claims that their workers can't write properly which convince the old man that it's a legit document. MCGustavo and FM then ambushed him, and it turns out that SMG4 was in the box all along. X and FM held Mr. Toilet hostage. They both teleport and fight him and after being beaten up, he used a machine gun but MCGustavo threw a banana in his eyes temporarily making him blind. For disturbing Mario game with Ruffman, Mario threw Shou Zou at him again supposedly killing him, but the body disappear instead.

In the Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Crystal Funhouse episode, he was brought back by the SMG3's Nightmare stone in FM's nightmare where the old man attacks him with a toilet. Though he also managed to shove a toilet on SMG4's head.

He was resurrected in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: SMG3's plan to destory SMG4 cause he felt like it where the SMG3's Nightmare stone brought him back to life along with other villains in order to create an alliance to destroy SMG4. They first mission was to retrieve a giant death ray. When others tried to suggest a different evil plan idea, the toilet dude suggested "Toilets". Later when SMG3 tried to display his "death cannon" to everyone, the old man mocked the bullet bill launcher stating that even his grandmother has one. He is not seen again in the video though it is presumed that he went to eat burgers with Bowser and the rest of the gang.

In Sonic The Derphog: The Evilness Of Eggman(?) a character resembling him appeared at SMG3's evil meeting. However, we argue that this character could be The Bomber or The Impostor despite those two only being very minor with one of them being dead.

In SMG4 2020 COLLAB SPECIAL he appeared in NationOfOrange696's entry where the old man broke into the castle and killed FM, NationOfOrange and Luigi with a toilet and asked Mario if he remembers him. After a failed attempt, Mario remembers the old man from their first encounter and got mad. Mario threw him outside from the window and the two continue to fight outside. The old man still used his toilet as a weapon and during the fight, one of his toilet ended up destroying a a police car which caused multiple angry officers to chase and beat both of them up.


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