Princess Daisy of Sarasaland is Luigi's contrastingly outgoing and radiant love interest. While she can be thoughtful at times, Daisy is usually overly cheerful.

Daisy has made a number of minor and background appearances in SuperMarioGlitchy4's bloopers, and has periodically starred in a major role, but after SMG4: High School Mario she never has any major appearences anymore. She might be replaced by Meggy Spletzer, Saiko Bichitaru and Tari.


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  • In Bob-ombache, Daisy is ostensibly pregnant.
  • Certain bloopers, for example Like a bowser and Bob-ombache, portray Daisy with her older look, causing her to have darker hair and a different dress.
  • In Like a Bowser, Bowser claims that Daisy is a man (but was probably Old Man Hobo dressed up like Daisy).
  • In R64: Mario Simulator, Daisy appears to be Wario.

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