"Darkest Hour" is a song by Saiko in the video SMG4: Mario and The Diss Track. It is a diss track sung by Saiko band (vocals by Ellyn Barclay) calling Bob out for manipulating his friends to selfishly gain fame. It is also shown that they are revealing Bob's true nature to all his fans, leading to his defeat and downfall.

It has been published to Spotify and Soundcloud.


Soundcloud rapper,to trash disaster!
I'll diss this time,I'll show you how to rhyme!
Someone should leash your greed,Push aside the attention you need!
All you did was betray,now you've become worthless prey!
Those grinchy eyes should see that all you've done made you alone,and you had caring friends that you had never known!
No forgiving, Here's what you're missing!

Come on guys, now
All rock with me!
Time to set your
Hatred free!
Taunting Bob,
His darkest hour,
Help our friend,
And make him see!
Lying, mistreating,
Pain is all that he brings!

Only wish you knew!
Sorry Bob, but
You are through!

It's time for Saiko's wrath,
And take down this sociopath!
How 'bout you run back home,
Buy another house
We'll burn?
Or we could drop you
In a well,
And never look that way!
And if we let you out,
I bet you'd wanna stay!
All that money,
Won't save you, honey!


Here is where it ends,You don't mess with
All your friends!




  • This is the first original song made and played on SMG4.
  • The composer of this song is the American-musician AJ DiSpirito, who previously had worked with Luke on ♫ The Ultimate Smash Bros ♫.
    • He would later compose "Always Running" and "Breeze", the opening and ending themes of Meta Runner respectively.
  • If you hear closely, you can hear Meggy singing.

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