David J.G. Doyle is a voice actor on Meta Runner. He provides the voice of Lucks. David has been voice acting for the better part of ten years, first starting back in 2009 while hosting a community radio program, 89.1 RBM (formerly BluFM) called music from everywhere since 2004-2014. He’s worked on a variety of projects such as “Heroes Arena” as Fiedra 'Dark Devil' and Garan 'Guardian of the Fathoms', “Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox” as Hero 4, a town guard and the Lizard Monster, and “Dungeon League” as Reginald and gasket.

Outside his professional career he still likes to work on fan made projects such as from the Zelda Universe fandub of Ocarina of Time as Ganondorf and Mutoh the Carpenter, Sephiroth in several fan made projects such as Chimera’s Crossover World and Ureshiiiiii’s fan series Project M.

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