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This content belongs to the Meta Runner universe, which is not related to the SMG4 universe.

This article is for the content of Meta Runner Season 1, which was cut or never made in the final version.

Most of the Beta Content was revealed in a video by SMG4's second channel, GLITCH.

Deleted Scenes

The Alternate Opening

The opening originally begins with an unconscious Tari who, according to Kevin, was dropped off in a scrapyard. She wakes up after feeling a small discharge from her cybernetic arm and sees her name on it. As Tari tries to escape the scrapyard, she comes across a Bot-Boy who asks for an ID, Tari tells him her name, but the Bot-Boy denies her access. Tari decides to give him a plush version of the TAS Corp. mascot, Bo, to which accepts as an ID. The Bot-Boy opens the door and as Tari leaves, he begins to flirt with the doll.

The intro ends with Tari making it to Silica City. The original opening was scrapped because Luke and Kevin felt like they didn't do it properly.

The TAS Corp Commercial

As Tari wonders through Silica City, she sees an advert for Tas Corp. with Bo telling the viewers that they may get a chance to see her. She was initially supposed to have a bigger role in the season but it never came to be, causing her to be relegated to just cameos.

Kidnapping Tari

Originally, the plan was to have Lucks kidnap Tari and take her to TAS Corp.. But it was later cut due to major violence.

Cut product placement

This scene would have Tari look through some food related TAS Corp. products but it was cut out due to slowing down the scene.

Revamped Ultra Jump Mania game scene

Originally, Luke and Kevin were going to have Tari and Theo walk while knowing each other., but they changed the scene drastically because they had to show the game was indeed a platformer game. Also, the flag pole at the end of the level was originally supposed to be inspired by the item collection from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Alternate MD-5 plan

For META RUNNER - Season 1 Episode 10: Shutdown, MD-5 was supposed to come in using guns to shoot down TAS Corp. employees. However, this was cut because if they went on with such a plan, it would been extremely difficult for the viewers to sympathize with MD-5.

Alternate de-commission action

Also planned in Shutdown, Lucks was supposed to physically rip out Masa Shimamoto's Meta Runner arm instead of shooting it out but it have been deemed "too vile" for even Lucks.

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