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DerpTV: Super Happy Fun Fun Gameshow, more often simply called Super Happy Fun Fun Gameshow, is the 238th video released by SuperMarioGlitchy4.


Mario squares off against Frankie the Toad in a Game Show called "Super Happy Fun Fun Game Show", hosted by Tubbiehost. Who is going to win the game? ...Not Mario.


In Super Happy Fun Fun Gameshow, 2 players duel in a 3 game set involving questions, chance wheels, and questions you need to answer with your entire family against another family.

The host, known only by as the Tubbiehost, is instructed by his assistant cameraman that since no one ever watches the show, they apparently don't have any available contestants. So in short, they get two random people in which one is clearly better than the other. That being Frankie the seven year-old toad, and well of course, Mario.

During the first round, it would appear that any question given to Frankie is related to Mario's sexuality, if in any case made him seem like he would win. The first question is about Mario being gay, and the second question was about what does the M stand for, and Frankie got them both right. This is especially implied when Mario goes cross-eyed during the question, "Who is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom?" and he apparently thinks it's Luigi. The other question was about the color of Toadsworth's underwear, in which he doesn't know, even with the help of Toadsworth by a phone. Since Mario got both answers wrong, the score is 2 to 0, with Frankie taking an early lead.

After a few more death threats made by Mario, the contestants move on to the second round, "The Wheel of Fun", which involves spinning a star-shaped wheel with 5 different mini-challenges, those being a coin (which grants 100 coins to the contestant who lands on it), a Bowser symbol (signifying Bowser Time, where Bowser doles out a random punishment to the contestant who summons him), a Robotnik head (signifying Eggman's Minigame Time), a "?" symbol (signifying Chance Time, where a contestant opens a numbered box), and a Tinky Winky symbol. As per usual, Frankie manages to pass his challenges with ease, such as getting rid of an angry yeti and winning 100 coins. Mario, however, is not so lucky: while he manages to get the "Bowser's Awesome Prize" result from Bowser Time, he winds up setting Bowser on fire because of his prize being a letdown (a single melon), which costs him a point (making the score an even 27 to -1), and while he manages to answer the Chomp's Quick Quiz (What the fuck is a Sonic?) correctly, he throws a tantrum upon learning that the prize is a free trip to Teletubby Land.

At that point, the Tubbiehost announces that the next round is the "Mega Round", where all points and coins earned are multiplied by 100. Mario spins the wheel, which forces itself to land on the Robotnik head space and summons the physical manifestation of God, who slaps Mario in the face and announces that it is now Eggman's Minigame Time. Frankie and Mario face off in Face Lift (a minigame from Mario Party 2), where the goal is to rearrange Mario's face to resemble the template given by Eggman. Again, Frankie manipulates his face fairly easily, while Mario is incapable of doing so due to not knowing how to work the cursor. When time is called, Eggman examines the results. He is thoroughly disappointed with Frankie's face and walks over to Mario who, forced to improvise after accidentally destroying his wall-face, uses his own face to try and mimic the template face. He is shot by Eggman and Frankie wins by default. Out of complete anger, Mario mashes the spin button, causing the wheel to fly off and "kill" the Tubbiehost.

After a quick commercial break, we move on to the final round, where it's apparently like "A Family Feud". It's Mario's "Fatty family" vs. Frankie's "Reject family". The first question for Toad and the Old Man was about the reaction after seeing Justin Bieber, and Toad won that round. After many pointless questions, which, according to SMG4, are all made by the Teletubbies, we move on to the final question with Mario and Frankie, in which is about things that can blind the people. After the screen breaks when Mario strips himself to become naked, the final score is 855326 to -59, Frankie wins the game. Mario, being a sore loser that he is, throws Frankie's muffin at Tubbiehost so that the Yeti Monster can chase him. The video ends with Frankie asking "Who wants a muffin?" as he gets closer to the screen.



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