Desti is an Octoling character from SuperMarioGlitchy4's bloopers. She only appears in If Mario Was In... Splatoon 2. In the episode, Mario was helping Meggy train for the next Splatfest. Later, after Mario refused to join her team, she sent her Octoposse after him, which resulted in a fight with Meggy.


Desti is a female Octoling who hails from Inkopolis. She is very popular, becoming shocked when Meggy doesn't recognize her. Because of her skills in Turf Wars, she is presumably the leader of her team, named the Octoposse, which only consists of Octolings. She becomes enemies with Meggy and Mario very quickly.


Desti has fuchsia tentacles, purple-colored ink, tan skin, and yellow eyes. Her gear set consists of Fake Contacts, a Shirt with Blue Hoodie (with a blue octopus design on the left side), and Neo Octoling Boots. Like many other Octolings, she also wears black fingerless gloves. She wields the .52 Gal as her weapon of choice.


Desti is usually arrogant, vain, and competitive. She’s usually represented as a bully to Meggy and she was shocked when she found out that Meggy didn't know who she was. Due to only appearing in one episode so far, her goals and personality can be seen as rather simple-minded: she only wants to embarrass Meggy and win Splatfests. She's willing to do anything to win, even if she has to forcefully ask people like Mario to team up with her.


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