You better win Splatfest for me, okay?

—Desti's last words before succumbing to her wounds at the hands of False Sephiroth's Masamune, SMG4: World War Mario

Desti was a supporting character from SMG4's bloopers. She appeared in If Mario Was In... Splatoon 2 as the main antagonist. In the episode, Mario was helping Meggy train for the next Splatfest. Later, after Mario refused to join her team, she sent her Octoposse after him, which resulted in a fight and rivalry with Meggy. As a result of being impaled by False Sephiroth's Masamune, she is the first major character ever to permanently die in the series. However, she is still posthumously mentioned or even being played flashbacks of her in some later episodes and shown as cameos on pictures, etc.


Desti was a female Octoling who hails from Inkopolis. She was very popular, becoming shocked when Meggy doesn't recognize her. With her high skill in the Turf Wars, she was the leader of her team, as she gave the commands in both SMG4: The Mario Showdown and SMG4: The Splatfest Incident, named the Octoposse, which only consists of Octolings. She became enemies with Meggy and Mario very quickly.


If Mario Was In... Splatoon 2

Desti makes her first appearance in this episode, confronting Meggy and Mario while they train. Desti gloats about how she and the Octoposse will win Splatfest, to the point where Meggy starts training to higher levels. Later, after Mario leaves Meggy when he doesn't want to train anymore, Desti stops his train home and tries to get him to join the Octoposse instead. She and the Octoposse chase after Mario when he runs off, but Meggy arrives and she and Desti duel over whose team Mario will join. The duel is cut short when Mario leaves to go home, and Meggy joins him, leaving Desti alone in the subway. She says aloud that she will find someone else to be on the Octoposse, and then orders Cap'n Cuttlefish to join her team.

SMG4: Meggy's Bootcamp

After almost a year, Desti makes her return in this episode. After Meggy, Mario, Luigi, and Tari complete their training, Desti and the Octoposse swoop in, ambush the team, and steal their weapons. Meggy and the others try to stop her, but she and the Octoposse board a helicopter and fly off with the team's weapons.

SMG4: The Mario Showdown

In this episode, Desti and the Octoposse are in their base gloating over their theft of Meggy's weapons. When Meggy and her team attempt to take the weapons back, she throws them out effortlessly. When Meggy accuses her of cheating, she tells her, "Cheating is a legitimate strategy."

Later, a disappointed Desti assumes that Meggy gave up until suddenly, she and her team come back with aid from SMG4, Saiko, Fishy Boopkins, Bob and Axol. Desti tries to shoot them down, but one of her bullets is deflected back into the barrel of her gun causing it to explode and eject her out of her base. When Meggy confronts her, she makes a bet: She will give Meggy her weapons back if she beats her in a one-on-one splat duel, but if she loses, she must pull out of Splatfest, to which Meggy agrees. Unfortunately for Desti, Meggy throws her gun at her and knocks her down, and tells the others to grab a weapon and run. As Meggy and the others make off with the weapons, Desti accuses Meggy of cheating, only to be met with the same line she told Meggy before.

SMG4: The Splatfest Incident

Desti and the Octoposse are shown competing in Splatfest against the SplatSquad in the first round, but Desti is furious that Meggy is nowhere to be seen. The Octoposse win the round, but Desti is still disappointed that she didn't get to beat Meggy.

Later, Desti is accused by Mario of doing something to Meggy when she suddenly goes missing, but she claims her innocence, telling him and the rest of the team that she wanted to get back at Meggy for the showdown from before.

Desti accompanies the group in their investigation of Meggy's apartment and is shocked to find the apartment a complete mess. She starts thinking that Meggy was kidnapped and wonders who would do it. When Fishy Boopkins finds a Naruto DVD, Desti believes that Axol is the on who kidnapped Meggy, which enrages Saiko, SMG4, Bob, and Boopkins, who believe Axol is innocent. Desti fights the four along with Mario, Luigi, and Tari, trying to get out of the apartment so she can search for Axol. After Boopkins stops the fight and tells everyone to get back to searching for Meggy, Desti leaves to search for Axol along with Mario, Luigi, and Tari.

SMG4: The Inkling Disappearances

Desti accompanies Mario, Luigi, and Tari in their search for Axol and Meggy, beginning in Inkopolis Plaza. She tells the group that the "pathetic wimps" of Inklings had been too afraid to go out ever since the abductions happened. When Mario tries to enter a barricaded store looking for Meggy, Desti complains that the group is wasting time and won't find Meggy at the rate they're searching. Just then, a Ryuk appears and attacks the group and tries to make off with Desti, but the rest of the group manage to stop him, saving Desti.

Desti and the others meet back up at Peach's Castle and they make a plan to head to Anime Island. As Desti can't swim like all Inklings and Octolings, they use a battleship provided by Swagmaster and Chris.

Desti watches everyone on the craft do their own thing, while Saiko apologizes to her, still coming to terms that Axol being the likely suspect. Desti also apologizes for the previous insults and reveals that she does care for her teammates. She then tells everyone that they should put aside all their troubles and asks who is ready to save "her annoying rival". Suddenly, a Godzilla appears in front of the battleship and abducts Desti. Despite the group's attempts to stop the monster, the false Godzilla makes off with Desti and takes her to Anime Island.

SMG4: Mario and the Experiment

Following her abduction by Godzilla, Desti is taken to the chamber containing the Ink Zuccer 2000, which Francis, the real culprit for the Inkling Disappearances, is about to throw Meggy in. Meggy is shocked to learn that Desti has been captured as well, but Desti reveals that she's here to save her, and she frees herself and escapes with Meggy.

Desti and Meggy run into a room to hide from Francis' anime minions, where Meggy asks her why she's saving her if she hates her. Desti tells her that she wants to see her humiliated rather than dead and that saving her is the most humiliating thing she could do to her. She tells Meggy that her friends are coming to save her as well, and they joke about how their trip was delayed because of Mario filling up the boat with food. Just then, they hear Axol being beaten by two Anime Cartel members above the room they're in, and they go to save him.

Desti apologizes to Axol for suspecting him, but then dozens of Anime Cartel members arrive at the cell. Desti and Meggy then bet on who can take out more members, before going to fight them. They successfully knock out eight before noticing the last one, which they consider their tiebreaker. But before they can do anything, they are both knocked out by a miniature-energy ray from a Super Saiyan Goku.

Desti awakens tied up next to Axol in the Ink Zuccer chamber, where Meggy is about to be dropped into the machine. Desti begs Francis to let her go, and Goku does just that. Dest and Axol watch horrified as Meggy is dropped into the Ink Zuccer.

SMG4: World War Mario

Desti and Axol are forced to watch the Ink Zuccer 2000 extract Meggy's ink from her body. When Francis shifts the Zuccer into maximum overdrive by speeding the machine's process up to 100%, putting Meggy through more pain, Axol and Desti plead Francis to stop as he might kill Meggy if he keeps going. Francis, wanting his plans to come to fruition, doesn't listen, claiming that Meggy will be fine. Suddenly, he hears chaos caused by the enemy taking out his goons and tells Mewtwo to watch the prisoners while he deals with the enemy his way.

When Axol, ashamed of creating Inkweaver, loses all confidence and will to continue helping the others, Desti motivates the axolotl to prove himself as the greatest manga artist. Her motivation helps Axol free the two of them and save Meggy's life. Desti is freed by Axol after getting a key from Mewtwo. Desti and Meggy then go to help Mario and the others after hearing of their struggle to fight False Sephiroth.

Desti and Axol arrive in the hallway near the now-disabled Ink Zuccer 2000, where the false Sephiroth is fighting SMG4 cast. When Francis and Axol fight over Inkweaver, Desti then proceeds to kick Francis, obtaining the pen and knocking the chameleon's glasses off. Sephiroth charges towards the Octoling and attacks her as the two ends up in the room of the Ink Zuccer. Desti blocks Sephiroth's sword with Axol's pen and jumps in an attempt to strike the warrior from above, but gets blasted away as the pen lands back in the grasp of Francis. Desti claims that she needs a distraction to defeat Sephiroth, which causes Saiko to think of distracting the warrior with Tari's "secret weapon." The "weapon," which happened to be Archibald (Tari's rubber duck), confuses Francis and Sephiroth, but the distraction allows Desti to grip the latter and throw him towards Axol. The manga artist then kicks him at Mario and SMG4 as they exchange their series of blows before Sephiroth is finished off by a rock launched from the mouth of Fishy Boopkins with Luigi assisting via aiming (which triggers the Final Zoom effect from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate).

Desti stabbed by Sephiroth

Desti gets stabbed by Sephiroth

The SMG4 gang cheer and congratulate themselves on their victory, and Desti gloats that it was too easy to beat Sephiroth. All of a sudden while everyone is not paying attention, Desti is stabbed from behind by a new Sephiroth, his Masamune sticking through her torso, as everyone else watches in horror. Francis gloats and laughs maniacally in the background as Sephiroth pulls his sword out of Desti's chest and she falls to her knees. Desti looks up at Meggy and tells her to win Splatfest for her. She then collapses to the ground as she passes away.

SMG4: Final Hours

Desti's funeral

Desti's funeral.

Desti makes her final appearance in SMG4: Final Hours, where it's officially confirmed that she is dead. Her body is cradled by Tari, as she begs for her to wake up. Unfortunately, Desti's life had already ended by that point. Her body is left on the ground as the final battle commences. When Anime Island begins to self-destruct, her body is carried by Shaggy Rogers to the boat.

She is later seen, one last time, at a funeral, where the dramatically changed Meggy pushes her coffin into the sea. As the coffin floats away, the Allied personnel gave her the goodbye salute. Meggy then vows to win Splatfest as her final wish. She is the only person from Inkopolis to die during the Battle of Anime Island.

SMG4: Mario Does The Chores

Desti is mentioned briefly by Meggy when Mario asks her who she is fighting for.

SMG4: There's Something Up With Meggy...

One month after Desti's death, Meggy is haunted by post-traumatic stress-induced flashbacks of the incident, to the point of insanity. Mario, Luigi, and Tari comfort her and tell her how they can honor her sacrifice by living their lives as best they can.

Clips of Desti from SMG4: If Mario Was In... Splatoon 2 and SMG4: World War Mario appear in this episode as flashbacks. A picture of Desti also appears in Meggy's room.


Desti had fuchsia tentacles, purple-colored ink, tan skin, and yellow eyes, with a silver heart tattoo beside her right eye. She dressed in a rather gothic style, consisting of Fake Contacts, a Shirt with Blue Hoodie and Neo Octoling Boots. The Shirt with Blue Hoodie has a unique design containing a light blue octopus wearing a Octoleet Goggles on its head on the left and light blue lines on the sleeves. Like many other Octolings, she also wore black, fingerless gloves.


Desti was usually arrogant, vain, and competitive. She was usually represented as an unfair and sadistic bully to Meggy, and she was shocked when she found out that Meggy didn't know who she was. Her goals and personality were seen as rather simple-minded: she only wants to humiliate Meggy and win Splatfests. She was willing to do anything to win, even if she had to forcefully ask people like Mario to team up with her, steal Splatoon weapons from her rivals, or using unfair cheating as a "strategy".

Despite this, she is deep-down good-hearted, as she insists on helping find Meggy after her disappearance. She claims that she still hates Meggy, but in a friendly way.

It is revealed that she wanted to save Meggy because she doesn't want to see her die rather than getting humiliated. After she saw Sephiroth's katana sticking out of her stomach, her final request to Meggy was to win the Splatfest for her, showing that she now considered Meggy a friend.




  • According to Luke and Kevin in The Waluigi Arc EXPLAINED, Desti was originally going to have a role in the arc, starting with SMG4: Waluigi's Time.
  • She reappeared in SMG4: Meggy's Bootcamp as a minor antagonist, marking her second appearance in nearly 10 months. She then became a recurring character afterward.
  • Her name might be taken from the word "destination" or "destiny" due to her confident, competitive, and ruthless personality.
  • She had some similarities to SMG3 but does not assemble nearly as evil or large-scale schemes as he does.
    • But unlike SMG3, Desti redeemed herself helping save Meggy and was the only Inkling casualty.
  • Desti was killed in the same month of her first appearance, which is in June.
  • Desti was the third character to die seriously. The first and second were King Bob-omb and his son in Sob Story: Tale of a Bob-omb.
    • Unlike those two, however, Desti was never brought back to life in a later video.
  • Desti is the first character to have a "Re-Debut", because of her total lack of appearances between If Mario Was In Splatoon 2 and Meggy's Bootcamp.
  • From the recent video talking about the Anime Arc, it is revealed that SMG4 had a hard time editing and making Desti's death as he found it emotional. (Even though in the video he sort of made it out as a joke.)
  • Desti's confirmed death in SMG4: Final Hours may be the reason why the video is titled "Final Hours" though this may just be a coincidence and the title signals the near end of the arc.

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