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Son, you're a goddamn king!

—Dob Bobowski (SMG4: Mario Goes To The Zoo)

Dob Bobowski is Bob's father. He was mentioned several times throughout the series and has only been seen once in the series in Bob's memories. He has not yet appeared physically in the series.


Dob looks exactly like his son, albeit with a white beard and a top hat.







  • Dob's beard looks exactly like the fake beard Bob wears as part of his Santa Claus costume.
  • In the video Reacting to the smg4 subreddit, several things were revealed about him.
    • Dob's name is likely a combination of "Dad" and "Bob".
    • He goes around to help elderly people.
    • He's also serving 100 years community service because he robbed the treasury of his old country.
      • He did this because, just like his son, he wants all the women.
    • He is 1,354 years older than his son; given that Bob's age is at least 500, this means Dob is at least 1,854 years old.
    • However, his appearance in this video is not the same as in SMG4: Mario Goes To The Zoo. This is likely a retcon.
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