Don is a minor character in SuperMarioGlitchy4's bloopers.  He is the leader of The Fire Flower Mafia and is a demented turtle boss.  He is always sleepy.  In The Mushroom Mafia, one of Barbie's tasks for Mario is to infiltrate the fire flower Mafia where he meets Don.


Don first appeared in The Mushroom Mafia as a minor cameo, portrayed as the leader of The Fire Flower Mafia.  He then appeared in Shell Shocked, where he was SuperMarioGlitchy3's roommate and was called by his actual name, Kent.


  • It is possible he holds a grudge against Barbie and that they are rivals.
  • His sprite is actually Kent C. Koopa from Paper Mario.
  • Underneath his shell, Don/Kent looks like a potato.
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