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The Dorito Finder is a telescope-like item known to belong to The Dorito Bandito, which has, so far, only appeared in Sonic The Derphog: The Evilness Of Eggman(?).

Dorito finder view (from spanish edition (with a bag of doritos found))


The appearance of the Dorito finder was never seen, only the view through it's no-scope. The view looks like the target system of a sniper rifle, but with the name and language edition in text up in its view.

When it detects a bag of Doritos or bunch a of them, a message will appear in halfcapital letters saying "Dorito FOUND!" and the device will make an alarm-like sound.


  • The Dorito finder is apparently available in multiple language's, as the above text says '*Spanish edition*'.
  • It's unclear why someone would make such a telescope just to find Doritos, but that's probably part of the joke.
  • Doritos is misspelled as "dorito".

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