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Dorrie is a plesiosaur-like creature who resides in an underground lake in Hazy Maze Cave. He rarely appears in SMG4's videos. Dorrie's first appearance is in SM64, MK64, PM64 Bloopers: Quest for a Console. Where Mario states that he hated him for so long. Dorrie returns in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Ssenmodnar (1,000 Subs).

When a person enters the underground lake, Dorrie is nowhere to be seen. Dorrie is then shown to be in Big Boo's Haunt, remarking about how he is free, he then flies away. Dorrie's biggest appearance, however, is in Ssenmodnar 6, when Steve stumbles into Dorrie's cave, and combines with him, creating the Steve-Dorrie Hybrid. Dorrie makes cameo appearances in newer videos as well mainly inside the cave.

Trivia Edit

  • As mentioned above, a counterpart of Dorrie exists solely in SMG4's bloopers, known as the  Steve-Dorrie Hybrid.  He appears to be an incarnation of Steve and looks like Dorrie with Steve's head.

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