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Dr. Sheridan is a character in Meta Runner who Tari had some connections with him. It's clear he has plans to upend the world of Meta Runner and Tari is the key to his plans.


Dr. Sheridan is a male human. He has dark skin with brown eyes and dark brown hair with a slight beard. His normal outfit is a grey and blue coat with a tan vest and white undershirt.


When interacting with Tari, Sheridan is something of a father figure. He gently encourages Tari and pushes her to do her best when training her at games.


A scientist in the employ of TAS Corp., Dr. Sheridan soon found himself under the threat of being fired. To avoid this fate, he began work on his life's goal, Project Blue, which he hoped to both revolutionize the industry and keep his job. He eventually acquired the help of Lucinia and Tari to further his plans.

One day, Dr. Sheridan and Tari were working together to train her in the use of her unique abilities. However, there was an accident, resulting in Tari being left alone in the lab where they worked.


  • His drink of choice is coffee.


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