Dream Mario is a character from Peach's dream. When Mario came in, he saw Dream Mario when he was in the water.

He is an idealized version of Mario created by Princess Peach's mind.


SMG4: Marioception

When Mario enters Peach's dream, he discovers Peach is on a romantic boat ride with him. However, Mario think that he is more sexy than his dream counterpart. He proceeds to push his sexy counterpart off the boat, causing Peach to scream "UGLY-ASS MARIO!" and wake up from her dream.


A drawn take on Princess Peach's dream from Marioception plays, with a handsome version of Mario playing guitar and singing to Peach. While that Mario was singing, he gets crushed by the "ugly" Mario riding a Thwomp and playing a saxophone. Peach gets triggered by her dream ruined, exclaiming "UHHHH UGLY BA$$ MARIO" just as the aforementioned Mario plays another jingle with his saxophone.

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