The Eggman Football is a item in the SMG4Verse. As the name implies, it is a football with Dr. Eggman's face in it.

It makes its appearance in SMG4: The Mario Carnival as a prize that could be obtained from Bob's carnival. The price shown to obtain it was 100,000 tickets. Mario and SMG4, along with Meggy Spletzer and Tari aiding them, competed to see who could get the prize first.Mario earned the amount needed first after some time and money invested. However, when Bob blew off the sign to show its actual price (100,000,000), Mario was noticeably upset. Fortunately for them, Meggy and Tari earned enough tickets at other activities, to which Bob subsequently gave for the gang to enjoy.



  • It came from the dumpster
  • The price for the football is 100,000,000 Bob tickets (despite the old sign showing it was 100,000 tickets).
  • It was in Mario's stomach in Mario's Inside Story, implying he ate it.

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