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Elmo is a minor character in the SMG4 series. He is a puppet in the education show "Sesame Street".

He first appears in SSENMODNAR DELUXE - 1 MILLION SUB SPECIAL after Luigi opens a door revealing him asking if he wants to know how he got his scars, to which Luigi immediately gets disturbed by and closes the door. His second appearance is in SM64 Bloopers: Who let the chomp out...AGAIN!? where he is shooting Toad. In SM64 Valentines 2017: GET THE GIRL!, he is at the party. He lives in the Kushroom Mingdom in SMG4: Welcome To The Kushroom Mingdom where he announced the presence of SMG3, who was the ruler of said kingdom. As he appeared in later episodes, it was assumed Elmo survived the kingdom’s destruction.

There were multiple when SMG4 was giving his "meme" song in SMG4: Marioception. He was a piñata in SMG4: AREA 64. He also appears in SMG4: Mario Battle Royale on the plane. He appears in the “pain train” part in SMG4: The Mario Channel - Mario's Jackass. He has his own booth in SMG4: The Mario Convention!. He appears in Peach's parenting class in SMG4: Bowser Loses Custody Of His Children. He makes a cameo in SMG4: Mario Does The Chores as one of the ghost coming out of the vacuum cleaner.

He appears in SMG4: The Totally Legit Learning Show With SMG4 in a reenactment of the segment with Jack Black talking about octagons with SMG4 playing the aforementioned actor. SMG4 runs into him. Elmo warns him to stop at the stop sign before crossing the street. Ignoring Elmo's advice, SMG4 proceeded to cross the street, resulting in him getting ran over by a car. Elmo then warned to be carefull at road crossings, and was holding a knife.

He reappears later in the video in his own segment with Fishy Boopkins. He welcomes the viewers to Elmo's World and introduces Boopkins. He asks Boopkins why all the boys and girls were special. Boopkins replies with a clueless answer "we're all funny looking puppets", angering Elmo. Under the impression that Boopkins is better than him, Elmo tells Boopkins he has no idea how many actresses would love to be in his position. He continues his ranting and brags to Boopkins about how popular he is, scaring Boopkins. He finally calms down after seeing a latte in front of him only to throw it and complain to the Koopa Troopa cameraman about how he wanted a mocha latte. Boopkins then asks if they could end the segment due to having heard enough. Elmo then gets mad at Boopkins for acting like it's his show. He then becomes angered to the point where he threatens to cut Boopkins with a knife, making Boopkins cry. Annoyed, Elmo tells him that when he is talking, Boopkins should shut his trap, otherwise he would get his booty slapped. Elmo slaps Boopkins away as the segment ends. The lyrics from that is When Elmos talking shut your tap, Otherwise you booty will get a slap.


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