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We're all going to die...

—Evil Noob, Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Mystery Of The Missing White And Blue

The Evil Noob was an unnamed villain who antagonized SMG4 along with SMG3 in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Mystery Of The Missing White And Blue. He was a SM64 Blooper maker who was jealous of SMG4 due to the fact that he made bad bloopers whereas SMG4 made good ones. Determined to make him pay, he allied with SMG4's nemesis SMG3 to torture him.


The noob was apparently a Super Mario 64 machinimist. However, he made really bad videos, which caused people to skip him in favor of a machinimist called SMG4. Angry and jealous, the noob decided to get revenge on SMG4 for overshadowing him. Having watched his videos, the noob teamed up with SMG4's nemesis SMG3, and kidnapped the youtuber, put him in a warehouse, and tortured him ruthlessly with Teletubbies. When SMG3 asked him why he did so, the noob was about to explain, but the former was quickly bored and left.

What the noob wasn't expecting though was that SMG4's friends, a yellow-colored youtuber named Starman3 and a fat unintelligent plumber named Mario, were looking for him. Forcing SMG3 into helping them, Mario and Starman broke SMG4 out of his torture. Furious, the noob activated the warehouse's self-destruct to get them all killed. He then revealed himself, but after explaining why he tortured SMG4 and wanted him to die, the latter called him out for it, stating "that's the crappiest excuse for kidnapping a guy." The noob then asked SMG4 if the latter would at least teach him how to get better, but he refused. The self-destruct then went off, destroying the warehouse and getting everyone seriously injured. Since the noob wasn't shown at the hospital, he possibly died in the explosion.






  • His color code is the exact same as Mario34299.


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