False Goku was a character who debuted in SMG4: Final Hours as the final antagonist of The Anime Arc.

An evil duplicate of the original Goku created by Francis with a supercharged Inkweaver stolen from Axol, he was drawn in his Super Saiyan God form and thus was immensely powerful, as Francis' final ace in hole against SMG4's Gang. He proved to be far more than a match for the heroes, easily repelling them with his superior power. However, once Axol gained Inkweaver back, he crafted an equally powerful Shaggy Rogers who bested him in a DBZ-style battle. Unwilling to admit defeat, False Goku suicide bombed Anime Island by self-destructing, destroying the island and ironically killing the remaining Anime Cartel, Francis possibly included (if he wasn't already killed by the Ink Zuccer 9000).



  • In Final Hours, the Goku that Francis summoned was referred to as being in Super Saiyan God state, but the model used showed him in the Super Saiyan Blue state.
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