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Female Steve is a minor character in the SMG4 series.

She is a Minecraftian girl who looks similar to Steve. She appeared in a few recent videos of SMG4 released in second half of the year 2014. She's Steve's girlfriend in his mind and in real life.

Physical Description


She's really a Goomba and a pig, although sometimes she's an actual being. But here's the real thing. Female Steve looks very similar to Steve, the main difference being the longer hair with a ponytail. It also seems to be very slightly lighter than Steve's. Except the hair, her face is almost the same as her boyfriend's, but the eyes are dark brown instead of blue like Steve's.


In addition, she doesn't wear exactly the same clothes than him: her trousers are very often dark brown/gray instead of dark blue, and her shoes are white with dark shades instead of gray. Unlike her boyfriend who has been wearing various outfits several times, she's always seen wearing her usual clothes in SMG4's videos.

Steve and Female Steve.


Super Minecraft 64 Bloopers: Legend of Steve

This is the first and most prominent appearance of Female Steve in SMG4's videos. In this blooper, which is a spoof of The Legend of Zelda in a Minecraft version, she plays the role of Princess Zelda, while Steve plays as Link (an interesting detail is that, despite playing as Zelda, she still wears her usual clothes, unlike Steve who is dressed as Link). Her boyfriend saved her from Ganondorf (who is actually Eggman). In reality, Female Steve is a pig, which Steve sees as a girl due to being high off mushrooms.

Ssenmodnar 9 - Time Travel Edition

In this video, she appears in the 15th and last skit, which is a brand new "Moments with Steve". In this episode, Steve and her fall in love, and they then start to hump each other, but a snide remark from Mario causes Steve's perception of reality to turn back to normal, and the girl is revealed to be a Goomba, much to Steve's dismay. He is then shown to have contacted Goomba herpes, causing him to partially become a Goomba.

Meet the Steve

Note: This section is actually incomplete, but will be completed soon.

This is the first blooper of SMG4 in which Female Steve appears really physically, and not as Steve's hallucination.

In one scene, Steve and Female Steve are seen walking within each other, always making eye contact. The narrator treats this as either a test or mating. Soon enough, Steve punches Female Steve away.

In another scene, the two are seen humping each other. Female Steve then turns into a rocket and Steve rides on her as they blast away from Whomp's Fortress.

SM64 Bloopers: Who let the chomp out...AGAIN!?

Female Steve confesses her love to Steve until she gets run over by the Chain Chomp. Steve himself shrugs off the confession.

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