Female Toad

A Female Toad.

The female kid Toad is a Toad who debuted in the blooper Super Mario 64 Christmas Thing 2012. Despite her name and gender, her appearance is identical to that of most other Toads.


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When Mario steals a guy his Santa uniform, He dresses up, Everyone thinks Mario is a Santa. When it comes her turn to tell Santa what she wants for Christmas, Mario confuses her with a boy while she says that she is a girl and Mario asks to her what she wanted for Christmas, and she says that she wanted a castle with many pretty princesses and servants. When she finishes her wish, Mario punches her and calls the next kid (and he punches him too) after two more kids (Mario almost killed the last because he was saying that spaghetti was awful) The Toad girl, The Goomba kid, a Hatless guy (may be the guy who was dressed as Santa) and The Police come near Mario and they all took him to the castle.


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