FightingMario54321, whose username is often abbreviated to FM54321 or FM, is a YouTuber, as well as one of SuperMarioGlitchy4's close friends. He used to be a Super Mario 64 machinimist and blooper maker, but he decided to quit in March of 2015.

His debut in SMG4's bloopers was SMG4 VS. SMG3, in which he beats up SuperMarioGlitchy3. Since then he has appeared in several other videos of SMG4's. Good at fighting, – hence his pseudonym – FightingMario54321 is somewhat the tough guy, and acts as one of the few sane characters.

Color code Edit

While FM54321's mainly red CC is somewhat similar to that of the game's default, Mario, there are several chromatic differences, most notably in his hair color, overalls, and gloves.

  • black overalls
  • red cap, eyes, arms, and shirt
  • purple gloves (which sometimes appear to be magenta due to green screen issues)
  • brown shoes
  • light skin
  • blond and brown hair

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • FightingMario54321 has appeared along with Starman3, XboxFan997, MejiaCantilloGustavo, MarioMario54321, and a few others in SuperMarioGlitchy4's Bloopers. 
  • His name sounds similar to MarioMario54321's, and is probably inspired by it. 
  • According to the video "Two Great Friends!", he was formerly a cop (though he really was a police officer in real life), but he got kicked out of this job (only in SMG4's timeline). However he later retrieved it, as seen in the blooper "Can the Villager come out to play?".
  • He was a member of the YouTube Rangers until September 2013.
  • He loves beans in SMG4's bloopers, and Doritos in his own videos.
  • According to the video "Two Great Friends!", Ruffman8890 was his landlord.
  • According to the same video, he's the Old Man Hobo's wife.
  • In reality, FM has a Steam account, just like SMG4. He is a retired Team Fortress 2 trader.
  • He's actually on this Wiki, under the name of "TheRealFightingMario54321", because "FightingMario54321" was already taken. He stated that the man who is supposed to be SMG4 in real life isn't SMG4, because he knows SMG4 in person. However, that man is really SMG4, as seen in the video "SMG4 VS. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge".
  • He has over 5,500 subscribers.
  • He seems to really hate jaywalking, to the point where he arrested an old man for doing so.
  • He could be the Creeper Soldier because it's both his Minecraft skin and he gave SMG4 the idea.

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