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Fishy Boopkin's House is seen in SMG4: Stupid Mario Tennis Aces when Fishy Boopkins goes running home after failing at Tennis, after that he gets trained by Mario.

It is also seen in SMG4: MarioTube 2 when Boopkins discovers that his channel was banned.


Fishy Boopkin's House is located where he was born and raised.

It's located underwater at a small beach.


Despite being underwater, the house has a television on a desk taken from SpongeBob SquarePants, a sofa to watch TV, a fridge where he stores his food, and a baby crib next to his fridge, as he is a child according to SMG4: Mario Preschool.

Fishy Cave

Fishy Cave is where the Fishy Mobile (which uses the Batmobile model from Arkham Asylum Batman: Arkham Asylum ) resides. He uses it in R64: Mario's Boat Trip to save his friends from the pirates.


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