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The Fourth Wall is an imaginary wall setting the viewers, readers, or players and the characters apart in any type of media. The characters are sometimes able to break the wall and communicate with the viewer/reader/player, point out their existence within their respective piece of media, or interact with something outside of their fictional world.

There are numerous instances in the SMG4 channel where the fourth wall is broken.

List of fourth wall breaks

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8

Season 9

Season 10

Season 11

  • SMG4: The Intruder...: The "Fanbase Brand Salt" that Mario uses on his hot dogs is most likely a reference to Luke Lerdwichagul's jokes on the toxicity of his own fanbase.
  • SMG4: The Pursuit of Happiness: SMG4 breaks the fourth wall referencing how he made SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny.
    • This episode also brings to attention how Meggy Spletzer's character has been criticized by fans for bring depressed and insecure, firstly with the aforementioned Meggy's Destiny reference (with SMG4 showing a poorly-drawn poster titled "Meggy Likes To Cry A Lot"), secondly when Bob Bobowski raps about how she always whines and complains.
  • SMG4: The Quest for RTX: SMG4 talks to the fans at the end of the video. When the camera moves he is shown to be looking at the wall with everyone else looking confused about this. This scene is also similar to Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Breaking Walls when Mario is talking to the viewers while staring at the wall.
    • Also, earlier SMG4 calls the episode stupid.
  • SMG4: If Mario Was In.... Friday Night Funkin: Mario collided with the arrow interface while Boyfriend was in the middle of a rap battle with Daddy Dearest.
  • SMG4: SMG4's Origins: During SMG4's split screen phone call with SMG3, the former reaches beyond the divide and grabs and shakes the latter.
  • SMG4: If Mario Was In Friday Night Funkin 2: Mario acknowledged the "health" bar at the beginning. A little later, Whimpu looked at the arrow interface, confused.
  • SMG4: SMG4 Goes Insane: Peach says that SMG4 was in the basement for the last two episodes, explaining his absence.
  • SMG4: The Bed.: Swagmaster flips Axol's manual with his hand across the divide during their split screen phone call.
  • SMG4: Into the Dark Web: Episode ends on Zero stares at camera and says "Witness".
  • SMG4: Mario's Internet Safety: Mario notices the list of things needed for a strong password. He gets mad upon learning he needs hieroglyphs and the entire script of Shrek, among other things listed.
  • SMG4: Stupid Mario Golf: After getting his head crushed by Matt, Bob states that had this not been in a lighthearted cartoon, the impact would have been much more gruesome.
  • SMG4: If Mario Was In... Newgrounds: SMG4 points out that they already did Friday Night Funkin twice only for the title to changed to Friday Night Funkin + Minions DLC.


  • Seasons 1-3 had the most fourth wall breaks due to the characters acknowledging their existence in a simulated game.
  • Though Mario is the character who breaks the fourth wall the most, Bob is more infamous for it.