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Francis was a minor but pivotal character in the SMG4 series. He served as a recurring character in Part 1, and the main antagonist of Part 2 of the Anime Arc.

He was a nerdy chameleon originating from Super Paper Mario. The founder and leader of the Anime Cartel, Francis first starting smuggling all things anime in and out of the Mushroom Kingdom, including anime-based citizens like Saiko Bichitaru, and later roped Mario and Tari into working for him to pay off Mario's accidental loss of their product (which Meggy bailed them out of). After Axol helped lift the Anime Ban, Francis was very disappointed of how he resolved things in a peaceful manner rather than using force. Also, intrigued by the power of Ink-Weaver, Francis reorganized the Anime Cartel into a full-on terrorist cell, capturing Axol and establishing Anime Island, stealing Ink-Weaver from him and using its anime characters to perform mass abductions of inklings including Meggy to supercharge the Weaver to create a waifu paradise for himself.

During the Battle of Anime Island, Francis trapped Meggy in the Ink-Zuccer 2000, which eventually drained her entirely of ink and transformed her into a human, in addition to making a False Sephiroth that ended up killing Desti. Francis was finally defeated, and was coldly murdered by Saiko, throwing him into the Zuccer to have his lifeforce sucked out as Anime Island was destroyed by a battle with Goku and Shaggy. He is the first recurring villain to have been killed off.


The beginning

His first appearance was a brief cameo in SMG4: AREA 64 at Bowser's birthday party.

In SMG4: Doki Doki Mario Club, he, along with Fishy Boopkins and Lemmy Koopa, protested that his waifu be made real. However, he and Lemmy were both shot by a giant mini-gun, while Boopkins escaped.

The Anime Prohibition Incident

In SMG4: Mario's Illegal Operation, he made a reappearance as the boss of the Anime Cartel, a faction whose purpose is to smuggle anime pop culture in and out of the Mushroom Kingdom ever since its ban in SMG4: Mario and the Anime Challenge. He got angry when Mario lost the merchandise, so he had SMG4, Fishy Boopkins, and Bob Bobowski escort Saiko Bichitaru to Japan, while he made Mario stay and open a lemonade stand to recover his lost profits and merch.

In SMG4: Mario's Lemonade Stand, he and the rest of the Anime Cartel arrived at the street where Mario sells lemonade across the Moo Milk Factory to fight with Jeeves and his gang. After Meggy arrives to harshly lecture them for their behavior, he and Jeeves eventually reconcile.

In SMG4: The Japan Trip, Saiko shows a video on her phone to Axol where the Anime Cartel fought with the A.S.S. when the Anime ban passes for 3 weeks, which leads to a disaster.

In SMG4: Mario Saves Anime, Saiko called them to show them Axol, a famous manga artist who was helping them un-ban anime. He and the rest of the gang "praised" him and swarmed around Axol until then he drew the Dragon Ball character Krillin on a piece of pinned paper, who then charged up a shot and blasted most members of the cartel away. Francis was completely astounded with what just happened, as he originally thought that Saiko was the only character brought to real-life and asked Axol how he was able to bring Krillin to life. Boopkins explained that he uses his Inkweaver pen using Inkling Ink to bring his creations to life. Francis later bowed to Axol as he and the rest the cartel promptly agreed to do anything for him.

Machinations and Death

In SMG4: Mario and the Experiment, it was revealed that Francis and his Anime Cartel were the culprits behind the abductions of the Inklings and Axol, and was using Inkweaver for his own desires. He planned to use the Inklings' ink to fully power up the Inkweaver so he could create his own "Waifu Island".

In SMG4: World War Mario, he drew up the False Sephiroth (from the Final Fantasy franchise) and revealed himself as the real mastermind, but got "defeated" by Mario and SMG4's teamwork, and the Ink Zuccer 2000 stopped draining Meggy's ink. However, he suddenly went as far as to kill Desti via Sephiroth impaling her on his katana, much to everyone's horror of what he just committed, all while laughing about it.

In his final appearance in SMG4: Final Hours, Francis appeared at the beginning, showing completely no remorse about Desti. He then proceeded to summon 100 False Sephiroths though they got dealt with. Francis attempted to draw more, but when he finished, nothing happened because the Inkweaver ran out of ink. Francis attempted to run away, but he was stopped, beaten up, and launched into The Ink Zuccer 2000, cracking it. Now with a 100% Inkweaver, Francis summoned Goku from the Dragon Ball franchise. While Goku beat up the group, he missed Axol, who kicked Francis and retook his pen, summoning Shaggy Rogers as a result. While Goku and Shaggy fought, Francis had been left vulnerable. A vengeful Saiko picks up a terrified Francis, threw him into a spare zuccer, and turned on its maximum power. Due to this, he screamed in pain and agony as he was slowly erased from existence.

Francis ultimately died fully along with his goons when Anime Island got destroyed by a huge explosion caused by Goku.


Francis was an obnoxious, egotistical, and commanding chameleon who has an obsession with two things; anime and his waifus. He was shown to be very stingy and failure-intolerant, as he forbade Mario to join with his friends to go to Japan and ordered him to recover his profit that he lost to him.

It was later revealed that he was a power-hungry sociopath who was very possessive of Inkweaver, and was obsessed with his plans to create an island full of waifus for his own greedy desires, and if anyone dared opposed him, he would go as far as death. It is possible that the Inkweaver drove him insane with power, and he would have probably betrayed the rest of the Anime Cartel and not grant their wishes, as Axol attempted to warn two members of the Cartel that he will do so. Though his master plan was goofy on paper, he was also completely heartless and sadistic, as he went as far as stabbing Desti at the hands of his own creations, murdering her in the process, and even laughed insanely at the group for not paying attention to him. He also didn't care about the risk of Meggy dying via The Ink Zuccer 2000, even stating that she would live anyways, much to Axol's disgust.

Despite it all, Francis was a coward when defenseless, as he relied purely on the Inkweaver's power. He begged Saiko that he meant "no harm", but she then proceeded to kill him slowly and painfully in vengeance.



  • Francis is the second recurring character to get killed off. The first being Desti, his victim.
  • Francis being the antagonist was foreshadowed. Tari warned Mario that the Anime Cartel was bad news, as she mentioned in SMG4: Mario's Lemonade Stand. Furthermore, Bob asked if someone who liked waifus would ever resort to kidnapping, though it was also a joke. He also knew of Inkweaver. His base of operations is known as Anime Island.
  • Francis is considered by many fans to be the most evil antagonist in the entire SMG4verse due to his mass kidnapping and brutal torture of hundreds of inklings, attempted murder on Meggy, his lack of any sympathetic or redeeming qualities, and lastly, his murder of Desti (though it should be considered that he never physically committed the murder but rather had False Sephiroth do the deed). He is more evil than SMG3, who erased SMG4's Gang from existence in SMG4: Deleted.
    • He is the first SMG4 villain to be pure evil.
  • Among the arc antagonists, he is the first arc antagonist not to get redeemed at any point and is also the first arc antagonist to be killed in the end. (Though it is not officially confirmed that he was killed and people speculated he did, but chances are he more likely was killed by the violent explosion and while being sucked to death by the spare Ink Zuccer.)
  • Francis is the latest major character in SMG4 to originate from a pre-existing franchise.
  • Francis' eyes may be attached to his glasses because, in SMG4: World War Mario, when his glasses are knocked off, he has no eyes underneath.
  • According to Luke and Kevin, their reason for making Francis the villain of the Anime Arc was because they found him unlikable and his face very punchable.

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