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Frankie McButtface is a classic recurring character in the SMG4 series.

He is a retarded, young glasses-wearing Toad kid who is also the Grandson of Toadsworth. He is often a victim in multiple situations, who doesn't even know what's going on. He is also shown to be suicidal and a nuisance towards others. Despite the abusive treatment, his facial expressions always gives a bright smile.

Due to the events of SMG4: Deleted, Frankie was sent to the Internet Graveyard due to Po (courtesy of SMG3) altering the events of his debut in R64: the Toad, the Fat and the Ugly., having his past self kicked off at the moment he appeared onscreen. However as seen in SMG4: Stupid Mario 3D All-Stars, he somehow escaped, but how he escaped is left unexplained (however, it's possible that SMG4 had used SMG3's phone which he not only re-upload their debut videos but also somehow re-upload Frankie's debut video as well.)


Though his glasses would make him appear smart, he is in fact a dumb character, usually saying unintelligible things compared to Mario. However, he may be a little "too dumb" (so to speak), as one could infer from some of his behavior. He is very suicidal, frequently wishing for death and even asking people why they won't let him die.

He can be considered a foil to Toad, since Toad is not nearly as cheerful and is rather snarky.


R64: the Toad, the Fat and the Ugly.

Frankie makes his first appearance being introduced as Toadette's friend and the third-wheel in what Toad hoped to be an Ice Cream date. Toad is very annoyed by Frankie's personality and attempts to make clear of his intentions for Toadette and for Frankie to back off, to which Frankie believes the two are bonding.

Frankie interrupts Toad's attempt to make a move on Toadette, leading to a battle pitting Frankie against Mario and Toad. However, the two fail horribly and Frankie steals Mario's phone, attempting to call the Ice Cream Man. However, he instead calls Peach, who defeats Mario and Toad.

DerpTV: Super Happy Fun Fun Gameshow

Frankie has his first main role competing in the Super Happy Fun Fun Gameshow hosted by Tubbiehost against Mario. They compete against each other in a series of rounds. In Mushroom Feud, he completes a part of "The Reject Family" with Wizard Rock, Steve, Old Man Hobo and Gourmet Guy. Frankie easily wins the game with an overall score of 855326 due to sheer dumb luck, defeating Mario's score of -59, much to the plumber's fury.

SM64: The BattleToads Justice Crew

Frankie makes a minor appearance being used by his older brother, Toad babeh, as distraction to stop Dr. Pootis. Frankie asks Crump (who he believes is Batman) to play Smash Bros. with him but Crump declines, upsetting Frankie.

SM64: War of the Fat Italians 2015 (600k Special)

Frankie makes a minor appearance as a challenge for Mario and SMG4 called "Survive a afternoon with Frankie." Upon seeing the two coming to an agreement to kill each other, the host (X) adds more challenges.

SM64 Halloween 2015: The 2Spooky Story

Frankie is the main character of The 2Spooky Story. He gets lost in the woods after being chased by his uncle, Toad Barrage. He then stumbles upon a haunted house. In the house, Frankie experiences different things depending on who tells the story.

SM64: Cooking with mario and bowser 3!

Frankie makes a minor appearance as the final ingredient for Bowser's cupcakes. He is killed by Bowser after getting hit by a rock.

DerpTV: Mushroom Kingdom's Got Talent

Frankie dances while a Chain Chomp rides a car, Ugly Mario does a dance, and Klepto flies through the air. Suddenly, a deformed Sonic the Hedgehog drops from the ceiling. Frankie holds up a hoop, only for the Chain Chomp to fly off the stage and drive into an audience member. Ugly Mario flies into a basketball hoop. Frankie tells the deformed Sonic to play dead—literally, by shooting him with a gun. Frankie tosses a bone for Klepto to fetch, only for the bird to pick up the producer and fly away with him. SMG4 is overjoyed that the producer is dead, as that means it’s lunch break.

Super Mario 64: Meet the Toad

Frankie appears on a portrait in Toad's bedroom, and Toadette states that one day, she'll come for him, implying that she has a crush on Frankie.

Sonic the Derphog: Showdown of the Idiots

Frankie is seen fighting Knuckles at the start of the episode. Knuckles tries to punch him but he pulled out a big sword and sent him packing. Later he is seen jumping up and down balancing weights on his head. Frankie is also the judge of the fight between Eggman and Dr. Pootis.

SM64: ṩṩἔᾗмὄḋᾗᾄʀ 11 (800K Special)

Frankie goes up to Toadette. He asks her if she ever had a dream that he is having trouble saying. Toadette then gets annoyed and asks Frankie if he even knows English. Later on, in the video, Frankie is seen uploading a video to YouTube called: SUPER MERIO LETS PLAYS PART 1 WITH FRANKEH!! :D only to have Mario crash the wall and say "This is what I do, I SUE YOUR ASS AND YOUR BALLS!"

R64: Mario The Waiter

Frankie makes a cameo appearance in R64: Mario The Waiter.

SM64 Valentines 2017: GET THE GIRL!

When Toad refuses to take Toadette to the Valentine's Day Dance, Toadette decides to cheat on him with Frankie, who happily agrees to go with her.

SMG4: Stupid Mario Odyssey

He sits on a bench that has been possessed by Cappy. Once Mario reveals himself, Frankie freaks out and runs away.

SMG4: Mighty Morphin' Mario Rangers

When Shigeru shows the Mario Rangers the chaos that Dr. Pootis is causing, he shows them that he stole a kid's ice cream cone. That kid happens to be Frankie.


Frankie returns in Mario vs Sonic: Prank Battle, appearing near the beginning of the episode playing with Toadette at the park. Mario pulls a prank on Frankie by moving the slide he's about to slide down to the edge of a building, killing him.

SMG4: High School Mario

Frankie was shoved into a locker by Bowser, as Fishy Boopkins discovers when Bowser does the same to him.

The Mario Channel: MARIO'S CHALLENGE

Frankie appears yet again in MARIO'S CHALLENGE. He is shown taking the challenge on Floor 3 but fails it and ends up being crushed by the statue's foot.

SMG4 Halloween 2017: Trick Or Treat Wars

He goes trick-or-treating dressed as a gnome. Mario punches him and throws him into the sky.

SMG4: The Movie Audition

Frankie is given the starring role in the Harry Potter film, where he is told by Hagrid he is a wizard and then causes a teacher to float in outer space.

SMG4 Christmas 2017: The XMAS Discovery

Frankie appears in the mall where he asks Wario (disguised as Santa Claus) to be his friend but Santa/Wario declines it and kicks him away.

SMG4: New Year, New Mario

Frankie makes a cameo appearance in New Year New Mario as Toadsworth's resolution, which is protecting Peach. As they head to the market, Toadsworth sees Frankie acting all innocent and thinks he's a threat to Peach and jabs him.

SMG4: Mario's Dangerous Delivery

Frankie plays a major role in Mario's Dangerous Delivery, in which Mario and Luigi go to Frankie's school to pick him up and get him home to his grandfather Toadsworth. Multiple Frankies are seen playing at the school, freaking Luigi out, who states they're all the same. In order to find the actual Frankie, Mario calls out "FRANKUUUUU", and successfully finds him, and the Mario Brothers go off to bring Frankie back to Toadsworth(with Mario unintentionally crashing Frankie into a few objects to which Luigi told Mario to slow down). Along the way, an ice cream truck passes by, and Frankie demands ice cream, so Mario begrudgingly gets ice cream for him, but in the time that this happens, Frankie has climbed on top of the truck, unaware that Mario has already bought him ice cream, Frankie and the ice cream truck crash at the police station, which leads to Frankie getting arrested, resulting in Mario trying to break him out while Luigi distracts Toadsworth with a Frankie decoy, which Toadsworth falls for.

Eventually, Mario rescues Frankie and they manage to get on the same train as Luigi and Toadsworth. After giving the real Frankie to Luigi, Mario tosses the decoy out the window, which the police believe is the real deal. When they get off the train, Toadwsorth thanks the Mario Brothers for successfully getting his grandson, who enjoyed the experience.

SMG4: Deleted

He is the first character who got sent to the Internet Graveyard by SMG3’s gang, who was used as a test subject.

SMG4: Stupid Mario 3D All-Stars

Frankie is revealed to have escaped from the Internet Graveyard after his banishment in the Glitchy Massacre in SMG4: Deleted. However, it is currently unknown how he escaped the Internet Graveyard but it is possible that SMG4 had used SMG3's phone which he not only re-upload their debut videos but also somehow re-upload Frankie's debut video as well.

SMG4: If Mario Was In... ROBLOX

Frankie was shown to play Roblox using a female character throughout the video. At the end of the video, his character meets Oofio after he becomes an admin and they both fall in love with each other as Frankie becomes his new "girlfriend". After this, Frankie brags to his mother that he now has a Roblox admin boyfriend.

Mario Reacts to Nintendo Memes 5

He appeared in the last meme when Mario had enough of Among Us. A crazily enraged Mario confronted him, saying he was one of those 26,000,000 people typing in "amogus". Then if he types the sentence again, the next moment his limbs will be eaten by Mario. Then after crying, he says Among Us, making Mario explode Frankie offscreen.


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