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Freddy Fazbear is a minor character in the SMG4 series.

He is a animatronic bear who first appeared on the Retarded64 series, R64: Freddy's spaghettiria, where he mostly acted like he did in the Five Nights at Freddy's video game, but was ultimately defeated by Mario, who locked him in the security camera room, put on a scary face and gave the bear a taste of his own medicine. He is friends with Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, and Golden Freddy.

He later burned with his other animatronic friends after Mario killed him when the power ran out.

He's from the video game Five Nights at Freddy's and acts as the titular main antagonist.


To see information about Freddy Fazbear in the actual FnaF game, click here.

Freddy is the titular main antagonist of the game, due to being the leader of the animatronics. During the day, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy all act like typical animatronics, singing and dancing on stage. However, at night, they become hostile, and become roaming the building, while trying to get to the security guard protagonist, Mike Schmidt.


In the SMG4verse, Freddy makes various cameos, but is prominently featured in the Retarded64 series, namely the Five Nights at Freddy's based episodes R64: Freddy's spaghettiria and R64: Return to Freddy's Spaghettria, where he is one of the main antagonists, alongside his friends, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, and Foxy the Pirate Fox. In Freddy's Spaghettiria, Mario takes Mike Schmidt's role as protagonist and security guard, but is only in it for free Spaghetti. Freddy and his friends attempted numerous times to kill Mario, but they all got defeated. Freddy was the last to die, since he was able to hide in the office.

In Return to Freddy's Spaghettiria, which is based on the second game, Mario is actually sucked into the game, and ends up in the second Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, where he noticed that Freddy's condition has deteriorated, replaced with Toy Freddy. Despite this however, he will still try to go after Mario. However, this changed, when Mario told all of the withered animatronics to go after the toy animatronics and William Afton. Freddy was able to defeat his toy counterpart with a gun, but, like all the withered animatronics, they are defeated when William Afton disables them (but Chica survived).

His nightmare form serves a minor role in Ssenmodnar Deluxe during one of the skits, where he is chasing down Baby Mario. However, the baby had a gun, resulting in his death.

Later in SMG4: Freddy's Spaghetteria Security Breach, he appears as one of Vanny's kidnapped victims.



  • Freddy seems to have multiple jobs at once. Working in a pizzeria and a driver as shown in Castle Royale
  • He is the most insane of all the animatronics as he constantly attempts to sexually assault the security guards and his robotic buddies.
  • He is the last animatronic to die from Mario's attack. However, Chica somehow survived, so it's possible that Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy, and Golden Freddy survived as well.
    • However, Golden Freddy wasn't shown being killed, so it's possible he was secretly killed off screen.
  • Freddy can be seen in Castle Royale driving the car where Prince Big Whoop and Princess Peach are in.
  • He makes sort of a cameo in Ssenmodnar 9, where, for a split second, his head appears.
  • Like other animatronics in R64: Return to Freddy's Spaghettria, he has suffered damage from Mario's rampage. Freddy has suffered the least damage as he is only missing some small panels from his knee.
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