Fresh Spaghetti Tubbie (known in its debut video as simply "the retarded spaghetti factory") is a factory that opened in the Industrial District of Mushroom City, Mushroom Kingdom on February 2, 2014 under the ownership of Tubbie Wonka. Its main product is spaghetti. Mario destroyed it on its opening day, but it was later rebuilt. It serves as the primary setting of the Guards N' Retards series, but has appeared in other bloopers as well.


Prior to the events of the series, it could have been that there was an original iteration of the factory, shown in SMG4: BENDY and the SPAGHETTI MACHINE, where the factory had somewhat opened between the late 1910s and the early 1920s, after the First World War, with Bendy as their mascot. Unfortunately, due to the Great Depression which hit the Mushroom Kingdom somewhere in 1929, the factory suffered immense losses and had to close, leaving Bendy abandoned in the former basement.

Sometime prior to R64: Mario and the retarded spaghetti factory, the factory was run by Banana Joe under the name of "Banana Joe's Spaghetti Tubbie", which mainly employed Teletubbies. Banana Joe was angered by Tubbie Wonka's incompetence, causing Wonka to attack Banana Joe and take over the factory, renaming it Fresh Spaghetti Tubbie. His takeover caused all Teletubby employees to leave, leaving the factory with no employees. Some time after, Wonka seemed to have found numerous employees for the factory, including two guards named Chris and Swagmaster69696969696. On its opening day, Mario was enthusiastic to eat the spaghetti produced there, however due to his idiocy and impatience Wonka was forced to lock him in the factory's dungeon. Mario was able to break out of the dungeon and discovers the room where spaghetti is produced. Upon discovering that the spaghetti is made from Tubby Custard, Mario flies into a fit of rage and stuffs Tubbie Wonka into the spaghetti-producing machine, causing the entire factory to be destroyed. Some time prior to Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Two Great Friends! and Guards N' Retards: The Butt Ninja, the factory was rebuilt and continued to produce spaghetti as it did before.




  • It is unknown whether this factory has a monopoly over the Mushroom Kingdom's spaghetti industry.
  • In Guards N' Retards: Le Train Breach, it was revealed that Reymond D. Gai owned the factory but gave it up due to Tubbie Wonka's spaghetti having the superior ingredient. This was later retconned in Mario's EXTRAS: BENDY and the SPAGHETTI MACHINE, revealing Banana Joe as the original owner and how Tubbie Wonka hostilely took control of the factory.
  • In Retarded64: Mario and the Retarded Spaghetti Factory, the exterior of the factory is shown in Garry's Mod, but the interior is based upon the Facility level from Goldeneye 007.
  • The company's logo is based on "Fresh Betty Spaghetti", however it is worded as "Fresh Spaghetti Tubbie" as shown in Guards N' Retards: Le Train Breach.
  • Guards N' Retards: The Vacation is the only Guards N' Retards episode to not feature the factory.
  • The mascot of the company, Bendy, is the titular character from the horror video game franchise Bendy.


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