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Fridge is a character who made his debut on the blooper Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Mini Italians.


He's a fridge with a face on the freezer lid with grey, stick arms and a power plug poking from his behind.


The fridge made his debut in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Mini Italians. In Peach's Castle, Mario is distraught over a said reason, alerting Luigi. The said reason was Fridge running away from Mario again. To stop him, Mario pulls out a sniper rifle and shoots Fridge, killing him and causing him to stand still. As he looked through the Fridge, Mario finds out that they don't have spaghetti. Luigi asks if Mario can eat anything else and his brother refuses. Luigi recommends food that isn't related to Italy in any way, but Mario fears he'll lose weight, forcing Luigi to leave the castle to buy Mario spaghetti.



  • He's one of the first anamorphic characters to appear on SMG4.
  • He has probably based off a pun/prank call joke named "Is your refrigerator running?"
    • The joke is created because the verb running can both mean 'properly functioning', and 'moving quickly by foot'.
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