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Fuego the Water Bottle (Russian: Фуэго Бутылка с водой, Fuego Water Bottle) is a modern recurring character in the SMG4 series. He is Russian water bottle mascot created by the Mushroom Kingdom government to promote staying hydrated. He was advertised as a mascot by Swagmaster69696969 and Chris Gordman.

Following the events of SMG4: If Mario Was In... Anime, he has not been seen since.


He is a blue water bottle with a smile on his face, even when he is sad or angry. In his debut episode, he spoke in an American accent, but come to his second appearance, he now speaks in a Russian accent.


Before his debut

Not much is known about him, but what is known that he was born in the USSR, as evidenced in his accent. Growing up in the Soviet Union, he became the hardline communist he is seen today. When the USSR collapsed, he moved to the Mushroom Kingdom, and unsurprisingly became distasteful of the capitalist system of the country's economy.

SMG4: Mario's Magical TV

He appears in a PSA to promote being hydrated.


He returns as a soldier of the Soviet Union and demonstrates how things go there. With Tari entering and asking if the USSR has video games, to which he says that it does not have "capitalist trash", causing Tari to break down.

SMG4: Stupid Mario Arcade

He appeared for the third time in, where he rescues Mario from the Tetris blocks.

SMG4: The Fan Written Episode (4 Mill Sub Special)

Fuego appears in a Soviet Pizza Hut when he uses souls to turn people communist. This resulted in The Super Mafia Bros to conquer it. Fuego defeated the Super Mafia Bros until Mario tosses Tomato, hitting Fuego's "gulag".

SMG4: Cooking with Mario & Bowser: World Tour

He was one of Mario and Bowser’s clients and taught them how to make Russian Pizza.

SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special

He appears in the crowd while SMG4 was giving his speech.

SMG4: If Mario Was In... Anime

In the Avatar segment, Mario accidentally made Fuego lose his water with his water-bending ability, implicating his water levels as his brain, and is being squished out.


Power level: B

  • Fountain: Fuego can let a fountain of water rise out of his head if he wants, but he risks that his brain will come out.
  • Cooking: Fuego is good at cooking and has worked in different kitchens.


  • Ironically, "Fuego" actually means fire in Spanish.
  • Fuego the Water Bottle is voiced by James Bailey, who is also known to voicing SMG3 in the SMG4 series since The YouTube Arc.
  • So far, Fuego is the only original character to not be released on the GMod workshop.
  • His face expression is drawn by Elle Nguyen.
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