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The Funky Fource is a group of four former crime-fighting superheroes-turned-supervillains who have the powers of dancing. They mask their criminal activities behind their jolly façade. They have four members, their leader being Franky Fresh, and his teammates are Freddy Fresh and two other unnamed members. They used to have a fifth member by the name of Joe Fresh but he died from mysterious circumstances. They work under the orders of Sir Benedict Cumbersnatch and are major antagonists in Sunset Paradise.


  • Franky Fresh Leader
  • Freddy Fresh
  • An unnamed red member
  • An unnamed blue member
  • Joe Fresh Deceased


The Funky Fource consists of four humanoid robots. Each one has white legs and belt buckles, while their 'shirts', shoes, belts and fingertips are all another color depending on the member; Franky Fresh, the leader, is yellow, one member is red, Freddy is green, another member is blue and the deceased and former 5th member, Joe, is purple. Their faces are all grey, and the rest of their bodies are white. Each member has a differently-shaped pair of sunglasses, which are black with white shines. Their only other visible facial feature is their black and white mouth.


Before becoming criminals, the Funky Fource's now-façade personality was legitimate. They showed that they could remain cool under pressure and were charismatic. as they used their powers to defeat crime. They also would sometimes talk in 90's slang and would dance to some funky beats.

However, once Joe Fresh died, they became bitter and resentful. They hated Joe being mentioned and started using their former personalities as a façade for their now cold, resentful one. Deep down however, they feel regret for sending innocents to their doom but were forced to remain true to the criminal mission of obtaining the Phoenix egg to rule Port Aurora.



They used to be ordinary teenagers until they fell into a radioactive acid pool which granted them their dancing powers. The five then decided to be superheroes but soon came to the reality of hero work when Joe Fresh died. Devastated, the remaining four members decided to stop being legitimate heroes and started doing their hero work as a façade, while also becoming villains in the process.

At some point, they came to work under Sir Benedict Cumbersnatch who promised them that Joe Fresh would have his funeral arrangement settled.

SUNSET PARADISE - EP 5: The Funk and the Furious and SUNSET PARADISE - EP 6: Saturday Night Funkin'

At some point, they came across Meggy and Auri. Seeing a good opportunity for a criminal scapegoat, they selected Meggy and brainwashed her into killing both Mayora Bora and Auri. Even though Meggy managed to break through the brainwashing with Auri's help, the Funky Fource managed to discredit the duo in-front of the entire townspeople, forcing the duo to escape. When Benedict asked on whether they finished the job, Franky actually responded that it was only partly done and asked if Joe's family would be spared from his wrath. Benedict then responded that as long as they did their jobs well, they would be ok.

They later turned up to help their colleagues, Spud Buds, Whisk, Goonies, and their boss, Benedict, escape from Auri's house before leaving the duo to die in the explosion, unaware that Whisk secretly left the jail keys and the vacuum cleaner which they used to absorb most of the explosion.

SUNSET PARADISE - EP 7: What Comes Next.

The Funky Fource, along with their colleagues and boss, first showed up at Mayora's office where once the Mayor realized he was dealing with criminals, tried calling in the Funky Fource for help just to see that they were actually criminals too. Then, they tried getting into the lighthouse where the Phoenix Egg was held, but failed due to a powerful barrier that only allowed those of a pure of heart to enter the lighthouse. Later, Franky and Whisk, along with the rest of the crime syndicate, headed back to Port Aurora to openly commit crimes.


They're the last set of villains that Meggy and Auri needed to get past in order to face Benedict. With the help of Mayora Bora, the two unlikely heroes manage to trick the Funky Fource and steal their van. The Funky Fource chase after them with roller blades and quickly caught up with them, but are quickly driven off when the heroes managed to hack into their security and activate the van's defense mode (in reality, all Auri did was guess that the defense mode password was "Funk"). Just as Meggy and Auri are approaching the lighthouse gate, the Funky Fource activate their "signature move": the Funky Flare, in a last ditch effort to stop them. They nearly succeed, but then the mayor returns in his own van to block the attack, sacrificing his life and foiling the Funky Fource's plan.


They are not seen until near the end of the episode where they are polishing a statue of Mayora Bora on a beach as punishment for their criminal activities being watched over by the Lighthouse Keeper. Franky Fresh then heard Duke whistling a catchy tune. Intrigued, he asked Duke if he was willing to join them. Duke agreed but the keeper shot at them to focus on their punishments first.

Other Appearances

If Friday Night Funkin Was 3D - ANIMATION

In this non-canon special, they appeared to just be regular performers who challenged people to a rap battle. Boyfriend tried to fight against them in order to see Girlfriend but lost. Meggy then tried to fight them but lost too. Realizing that they only won through sheer numbers, Boyfriend and Meggy teamed-up to battle them, winning the battle.

"Funky" Abilities

  • Dancing: They're so good at it, they can dance and fight at the same time, while also incorporating dancing into their fighting moves as well.
  • Laser Vision: They have the power to shoot lasers out of their eyes, which will at the very least set you on fire.
  • Roller Blading: They have roller blades built into their shoes, and they're really good at using them to catch up to a moving vehicle.
  • Funky Flare: Their "signature move". All four (formerly five) members combine their powers to shoot a devastatingly powerful laser that can vaporize an entire van.

Criminal Records

  • Fraud: Using the guise of them pretending to still be superheroes after the death of Joe Fresh, the Funky Fource have brainwashed people to commit crimes for them to stop and capture. They also framed both Meggy and Auri for their assassination attempt on Mayora.
  • Abetting: Through their brainwashing, made their victims commit various crimes for themselves to step in and "save the day".
  • Attempted Murder: They planned to assassinate Mayora by having Meggy brainwashed to do deed and have it pinned on her, although the main motive wasn't to kill the mayor but to turn the town against Auri and Meggy.
  • Manslaughter: At the end of the episode Mad Meggy, they do just this to Mayora, annihilating him with their ultimate attack. It was a complete accident but since they were trying to kill Meggy and Auri with their special attack.
  • Aiding: They themselves under Benedict have been supporting him in criminal activities including scheming the assassination of Mayora and being involved in his conspiracy against Port Aurora.




  • Judging from their mannerisms and appearance, they seem to be a combination of the Ginyu Force and 1010, both from Dragon Ball Z and No Straight Roads respectively.
  • The second half of their name is a portmanteau of four and force.
    • The first half might be based off of Friday Night Funkin'.
  • Their voice actor is Anthony Sardinha, known for the voice of Lamar Williams and Dr. Sheridan from Meta Runner.
  • It's unclear whether they're robots or if they just look like them. In If Friday Night Funkin Was 3D - ANIMATION, their voice clips sound robotic, but their backstory implies that they had a youth, and the now deceased Joe had a family.
  • A recurring gag with the Funky Fource has a portrait of Joe Fresh’s urn appearing when the Funky Fource react to a situation altogether. Instances of this happening include when Auri makes a getaway to warn Meggy and another time when the Funky Fource are in preparation of unleashing the "Funky Flare".


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