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The Game Reviewer is a character who only appeared in "Ssenmodnar 3 (10,000 subs special)". In one skit, he was seen giving Super Mario 64 a negative review and called diarrhea. After that, a message that says "HAPPY GAME REVIEWS" is then shown. His only line was from the Angry Video Game Nerd.


  • He looks exactly like a Policeman, except his gloves and shoes are the usual white and brown. He also looks extremely similar to Guy (0% of Spaghetti).
  • In the background while he is talking, a TV and several video games and game consoles (including a PlayStation 3 and a Sega Saturn) can be seen.
  • He could be Megaman765.
  • Super Mario 64 was actually a good game, so it's unknown why the guy hates it so much (possibly due to the game's blocky 3D graphics and polygons).

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