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The Game Reviewer is a character who only appeared in "Ssenmodnar 3 (10,000 subs special)". In one skit, he was seen giving Super Mario 64 an extremely negative review, calling it diarrhea, no better than sewer rat poop, and that he had much more fun playing with dog poop. After that, a message that says "HAPPY GAME REVIEWS" is then shown. His only line was from the Angry Video Game Nerd.


  • He looks exactly like a Policeman, except his gloves and shoes are the usual white and brown. He also looks extremely similar to Guy (0% of Spaghetti).
  • In the background while he is talking, a TV and several video games and game consoles (including a PlayStation 3 and a Sega Saturn) can be seen.
  • He could be Megaman765.
  • Super Mario 64, despite not aging well, is actually a good game, so it's unknown why the guy hates it so much.

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