It is I Ganondorf bitches and I am the god of the Triforces.

—, Ganondorf

Ganondorf is the main antagonist of The Legend of Zelda franchise and the episodes SM64 Bloopers: Can Ganondorf come out to play? and If Mario was in... Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. He is a powerful and evil Gerudo warlord from the Hyrule dimension. He came to the Mushroom Kingdom dimension through a portal, where he kidnaps Princess Peach (who mistook her as Princess Zelda) and sets the events of the blooper in motion. He also appeared in Retarded64: Stupid Smash Bros where Master Hand summoned him to torture Mario to hand over the Smash Ball but Ganondorf along with Mr. Game 'n' Watch and the Pikmins turned the place into a musical as they whaled on him.


  • Conjuring Lightning: Due to his “fairy powers”, he’s able to conjure lightning. However, as his purpose was trying to revive Peach Toadstool, that failed.
  • Shape-shifting: Breaking the Smash Ball, Ganondorf is able to transform into Beast Ganon and (presumably) obtain a multitude of superhuman feats, such as enhanced strength, speed, and size. However, this doesn’t include intelligence, as he subsequently self-destructed along with Master Hand trying to kill Mario.

Episodic AppearancesEdit

SM64 Bloopers: Can Ganondorf come out to play?Edit

Here, Ganondorf in his debut serves as the main antagonist. Leaving a crudely written note that reads, "I have stole your gurl", he casually strolls his way to Hyrule with Peach Toadstool in hand, easily shooting down Mario's attempts to do so otherwise. Upon arriving in his castle, he tells her he wants to make babies in order to take over the world, using her as fuel. However, Bowser interrupts his plan, resulting in Peach fleeing and accidentally falling off a window. The two kings try to revive the Princess, with no avail. When the Mario Bros. shows up, Mario orders Bob to take on Ganondorf with his singing voice. Since Bob's singing is so awful, Ganondorf spazzes out and explodes.

Retarded64: Stupid Smash BrosEdit

Ganondorf serves as the secondary (and minor) antagonist here, turning what would be a battle against Mario in Final Destination into a villainous musical. When the Smash Ball activates, he seizes the opportunity to steal it and turn into Beast Ganon. Unfortunately for him, he ends up crashing into Master Hand, both ending up KO'ed.

If Mario was in... Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of TimeEdit


SMG4: Mario Battle RoyaleEdit

The King of Evil makes a minor role accompanying Crash Bandicoot, Bowser, and Dr. Eggman in coercing Toadette to give them her loot. The Gerudo King mocks Toadette’s statement of stating it was hers first, with the four members shortly being interrupted by Mario running over Crash and Toadette. Ganondorf, along with Bowser and Eggman, opened fire on the plumber’s car, causing him to crash near SMG4 and render themselves vulnerable. However, due to them not recognizing Mario and SMG4’s plans, he gets fooled into finding a detonating grenade, effectively eliminating him from the Battle Royale.

SMG4: The Smash 5 TrialsEdit

Ganondorf cameos in the Smash 5 trials by staring at Mario dancing over the new Smash Bros. coming into full swing.


  • In SMG4's bloopers, Ganondorf speaks similar to Grover from Sesame Street and Yoda from Star Wars, while in the official Zelda canon, he has a deep, menacing voice.
  • Ironically enough, Link, Ganondorf's nemesis, never appears in Can Ganondorf Come Out to Play?, nor does Zelda, his second nemesis and favorite capturee.
  • While Ganondorf is not a prominent character in bloopers, Bob (who was introduced in an episode in which he was the main villain) has become a prominent character.
  • When Ganondorf gets KO’ed by Mario in SMG4: Mario Battle Royale, the killfeed shows CD-i Ganon’s face close up, which is a nod to one of his infamous lines: “Or else you will DIE.”
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