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Its time we told you the full story of SMG4.

—Official description

Genesis Arc (originally called Super Meme Genesis, also known as the SMG Arc) is a science-fiction horror-mystery story arc on SMG4's channel. It is the fifth major story arc in the SMG4 series after the Waluigi Arc, the Rapper Bob Arc, the Anime Arc and the YouTube Arc. It follows the mystery of the SMGs, their avatars, the memes, and Zero.

Warning! This article contains spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk. If you want to see the list of episodes, go here.


Prologue: SMG3's New Internet Graveyard and the Corrupted Memes

SMG4: Perfectly Balanced.

Seven months after the events of The YouTube Arc, Mario and SMG4 were attacked by a corrupted Morshu, and taken to the Internet Graveyard where SMG3 gave the place upgrade on social life well in a way. They found him, and he told them about the meme life cycle. He explained the meme appears on Earth when it gets popular on the internet, and gets happy when put to work. And naturally, the meme loses its relevance, dies and gets sent to the Internet Graveyard, where SMG3 looks after them until the meme becomes relevant again. However, a meme must be willing to transcend if they are looked after and happy, otherwise they remain in the realm and become corrupted if they stayed there for too long. SMG3 then sent SMG4 and Mario to deal with Morshu, by telling SMG4 to make him happy. Arriving back at the realm, where Morshu is getting more aggressive, SMG4 managed to make memes out of Morshu, finally making him happy, sending him to the graveyard. After the whole fiasco, SMG4 telephoned SMG3 to notify him, and asked how he took over the realm recently, in which SMG3 simply replied that he learned of the meme life cycle and took control from the meme gods.

The Secret of SMG4

SMG4: SMG4's Origins

One day, SMG4 became quite curious on how he got to where he is today after Mario asked what his past was and decided to seek help from SMG3. After talking to him, he runs to the Ancient Memes to know the truth and they showed them that they came from USB-shaped spacecrafts called Guardian Pods, SMG3's Guardian Pod was suppose to land in the Internet Graveyard, but a mysterious glitch interfered with that plan as he was in 1 and 2s pod, while 4 landed in the mushroom kingdom, thus making the inhabitants to what they are today, and the only ones who can tame them are Mario and SMG4, and when SMG3 landed in the mushroom kingdom the 2 SMGs never saw eye to eye since then.

The 10 Year Anniversary Incident

SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special

SMG4 wanted to celebrate 10 years of his channel, so he made a party to celebrate and invited friends, memes, and even enemies from the past and present. He even invited SMG3 and memes from the graveyard despite the warnings about the memes' corruption. After the party, SMG3 was about to take home his memes, only to find out that he had been denied access to the Internet Graveyard. The dead memes became corrupted, forcing the gang to fight but the gangs were eventually defeated, and SMG4, FM, X, SMG3 and Mario were abducted to an abandoned cathedral. At the cathedral, SMG4, SMG3 and Mario saw FM and X turned lifeless by extraterrestrial virus named Zero, and found other lifeless Mario Recolors on the cathedral floor. Desperate, they managed to escape from the cathedral, but Mario was later captured by Zero. Trying to find any form of communication, SMG4 and SMG3 ventured into the Dark Web valley, later stealing live-stream equipment for any contact.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang managed to escape the castle with the help of SMG1 and SMG2, who they were trying to get SMG4's attention to warn them about the appearances of Zero, a extraterrestrial virus that is dangerous to life and must be contained, and that they had escaped before until Zero followed them. SMG1 and SMG2 proceeded to tell the only way to defeat it by using a Guardian Pod, the USB that both SMG4 and SMG3 used to arrive in the Mushroom Kingdom. SMG4 realized that he threw his away by mistake, so he claimed that he didn't know where it was. SMG3 then suggested that they use his Guardian Pod, which was still stuck in the field it landed in. However, SMG4 and SMG3 were kidnapped again, and SMG2 advised them to keep their avatar safe. Back at the cathedral, Zero began to absorbed Mario's life energy, causing SMG4 and SMG3 to shriek in pain. Fortunately, the gang managed to rescue them, and SMG1 and SMG2, contained Zero once and for all. Zero, being contained, produced a black hole sucking SMG1 and SMG2, and Mario, their avatar, was freed.

After all that they rested on the rooftop of the castle and wondered why zero was trying to destroy avatars, and if there are other SMGs out there, the Guardian Pod containing Zero had its anti-virus subscription expired, causing a disturbance in the cathedral.

The Search for the Guardian Pods

SMG4: Into the Dark Web

SMG4, Mario, Bob, Axol and Melony travelled to the Dark Web to find SMG4's Guardian Pod, undertaking a dangerous adventure. They later found the pod, discovered a library which has a corridor that lead to a central command. As Mario tampered the controls, it later revealed the story of the Guardian Pods, and how SMG3 was teleported away from his original destination, and found SMG1, SMG2 and Zero's pod crash landed in Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Meanwhile, Bob strayed away from the crew after being enticed to see Butter Birdo, and unknowingly found SMG3's pod in Zero's cathedral. Unbeknownst to him when he was walking away, Zero emerged from the pod that has its antivirus subscription expired, following Bob behind.

The Brazil Newgrounds Trials

SMG4: If Mario Was In... Newgrounds

With the location of SMG1's and SMG2's Guardian Pod found, Mario and SMG4 travelled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to find the Guardian Pod. Passing the Tijuca National Park, they arrive at Corcovado (referred to as Mount Brazil in the episode) and adventured into a hidden cavern within the mountain and did not expect the magic the USB created, with Newgrounds games occupying the cavern.

After much adventures in Newgrounds games, the duo are now tired and on the verge of giving up, that was until they spotted the USB, in a crater barricaded by barriers set up by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro State. They entered the USB, only to find out that the inside was wrecked due to the fight between Zero and SMG1 and SMG2 before their USB crashed.

The Origins of SMG1 and SMG2

SMG4: The Other Universe

After entering the USB's wrecked interior, Mario & SMG4 found the console and went through the memories of SMG1 & SMG2.

The memories showed that 1 & 2 also had an avatar, Spudnick, but then Zero appeared and killed him, which marked the end of the universe. SMG2 saved all of the Newgrounds characters, but after that, before they could even go into their USB stick, Zero appeared, but SMG1 activated the anti-virus program from SMG0's USB stick and tried to destroy it, but Zero managed to escape with one arm and followed SMG1 & 2 in the new dimension. The dimension is seen when the same man (from SMG4: Into the Dark Web), revealed to be Luke Lerdwichagul himself although his face obscured, shocked when his game was corrupted by the virus, disconnected the USB from the laptop, and downloaded a Super Mario 64 emulator to play a new game.

Immediately afterwards it became clear that Mario is very important to the world of SMG4 & SMG3, as SMG4 forbade Mario to do anything, because otherwise Mario would endanger the universe. Shortly afterwards, the two of them left the USB stick and made their way home. But shortly afterwards, Zero's eye can be seen controlling the USB's system into sending his USB, where his full body is kept, across the deserted world of the Toytoy Kingdom as it was last seen flying out of there.

The Return of SMG0

SMG4: The Day HE Arrived.

SMG0's Guardian Pod enters into the Mushroom Kingdom, where it crash lands into a field. Zero's eye drone then forced Professor E. Gadd at knifepoint to build a cloning machine, which mass-produced Shrek clones. After one of these clones kidnapped Mario, SMG4 and Axol gave chase. The Shrek clone was headed to Zero's Guardian Pod, and proceeded to use SMG4's body to gain access and open the door. After Professor E. Gadd screamed for help, Zero's eye drone began rushing into the Guardian Pod, before eventually getting crushed by Mario's foot.

However, since the Guardian Pod door was left open, SMG0 now had an opportunity to wreak havok. SMG0 attempted to pull Mario into his Guardian Pod, but quick intervention from SMG4 and Axol prevented him from certain death. SMG4 debated with Mario and Axol about ways to get rid of the USB. However, Axol soon pointed out the Guardian Pod had vanished only for it to go berserk and charge towards Mario with Zero in tow. SMG4 luckily got Mario out of the way, but the same could not be said for Axol, who got trapped with Zero. Zero outstretched his finger and touched Axol on the head and possessed him, causing the axolotl to whiteout and go unconscious.

Back at the castle, Axol was left to recuperate in the infirmary, where Mario called out Melony to find Zero's USB floating near the castle. As the rest of the gang remain, mouths agape, Axol made a speedy "recovery", and denied the previous events that happened. As he walked back to New Donk City, the camera views his deranged face meaning that not everything is as good as it seems.

An Attempt to Destroy SMG0's USB

SMG4: Doomsday but Mario is Okay

As SMG0's USB hovers above the castle, SMG4 had the Mushroom Kingdom Armed Forces to get rid of it, with Swagmaster and Chris using a mini-nuclear bomb to destroy it as SMG4 and the gang hid in a doomsday bunker. SMG4 gave the gang the utmost rule to never leave the bunker, as they may be exposed to outside radiation within the castle area. Swagmaster then pressed the detonator, but the bomb did not go off as planned.

As the gang waited for the explosion for so long, there was a total chaos in there. Meanwhile, Melony was looking for Axol, who Boopkins stated that he was in the toilet. As Melony checked in, she found Axol missing. Mario then barged in to urinate, and found binary digits within the toilet bowl, and screamed in terror as it intensified before being sent to the SMG0's Backroom Maze.

As Swagmaster got rid of Peach, he fixed the detonator and prepared for the explosion. As tensions in the bunker rages on, Tari remembered that they left Luigi behind, who brought board games to play with his friends at the castle unaware about the situation, and got caught up in the impact of the blast and radiation. Still, the USB is too strong to be destroyed.

Trapped in the Backrooms and the Possession of Axol

SMG4: Mario and The Backrooms

Mario woke up and found himself falling out of the world, and ended up in some backrooms, with no form of contact available. Trying to investigate, Mario stumbled upon a creature and ran. When the creature cornered him, he attacked it by throwing a shoe, and the creature was revealed to be SMG4, who was dragged down the toilet in where he was when the gang was finding Mario in the bunker.

They decided to find an exit, where they both stumbled upon a ? block. Hitting the question block, they found a corrupted Goomba and gave chase to it. As they caught up to it, the Goomba told them to "don't go any further" until disappearing. Stumbling across a door, they found what it appeared to be a birthday party, with the hats of Mario and the SMGs as presents. The room then glitched, spawning the messages "GO BACK", so the duo hurried themselves to the exit, leading to another set of backrooms, where they met SMG3, who too got here in the same scenario as them. Then, a monster showed up, causing them to run and find an elevator that leads to the exit.

The three ended up in the cathedral in the Dark Web, where they saw Axol near SMG3's USB, and he was acting weird, switching personalities. As the real Axol warned SMG4 to escape (and told him he was the one who left the messages in the backrooms), he mutated into the manifestation of Zero, who hurled SMG4 to open the USB that sucked the SMGs and Mario into it.

The Return of SMG1 and SMG2 and Escaping SMG3's Guardian Pod.


The trio found themselves inside SMG3's USB, although they had no idea where they were. Trying to find the exit, SMG0's eyes were constantly heckling them into madness, until they fell into a reality where the law of space and time does not apply. Fearing the end, it wasn't until a blue cube and a yellow sphere came to life and lead them to the exit.

Finding their way out, SMG3 spotted Morshu. Making their hands hold, he transformed into a spirit that transformed the cube and the sphere into SMG1 and SMG2's head, both survived. SMG2 then explained the purpose of the SMGs, who's job is to protect the life cycle of memes, as memes are the life energy of their universes, and its energy can be redirected by SMGs. To exit, SMG3 and SMG4 hesitantly held their hands together to transmute meme energy to build a bridge that leads them to an exit on a floating island.

Finally free from SMG0's mind torture simulation, SMG1 directed SMG3 and SMG4 to transmute the meme energy out of the USB's reactor core, which will be enough energy to escape the USB, since the only entryway is locked. They transmute the energy to Mario to break free from the USB by enlarging him. However, SMG1 had oversighted his calculation, where the unbalance of energy made Mario's enlargement going rogue because SMG3 and SMG4 lacked the training to control their energy.

Still, they were able to escape, but Mario was left floating near the now rebuilt castle. The other USBs are seen floating around the castle, where the SMG0-possessed Axol was waiting for them.

The Second Attempt To Seal Away SMG0 and The Reveal Of His Plan

SMG4: The Final Piece

Axol plans to use all of the USBs' powers to have their power asorbed into Mario, so that way, he would die and the universe would be destroyed. However, his plan ends up getting thwarted by Swag, Chris and Melony, who shoot Axol to stop him, dropping the unconscious Mario onto the castle bridge. However, Axol doesn't stop. He enters his second corrupted state and chases SMG4 and SMG3 throughout the castle as SMG4 hides Mario's unconscious body in a treasure chest. They then try to extract Zero from Axol's body, but in the process, he grabs hold of Melony's leg, bringing her to Axol's subconscious, where he is chained in place, with no way of being freed. Axol gives Melony his manga, which he uses as a love confession, before he disappears into the void. When Melony wakes up, the manga is in her hands. Unfortunately, SMG0 regains control of Axol, repels the extraction, and he gets back on his feet quickly.

SMG0 chains up everyone and manages to find Mario, and absorbs the power of memes into a giant portal in the sky. SMG0 reveals that he was creating a brand new universe with Mario as his new avatar. Eventually, he touches the invisible crystal barrier encasing Mario and he gets woozy and falls to the ground. This leads to Axol becoming more corrupted, growing to a towering height, and having more of SMG0's body features, thus the final battle to save their universe and everyone in it has begun.

The Final Battle and the Deaths of SMG0 and Axol.

The Finale: SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2021

After being tied up, Axol holds SMG1 and SMG2 in his hand. SMG3 and 4 transform the meme energy that is being gathered and transforms it into solid objects to ditrstract Axol. SMG4's Gang get out of the chains and go into the other universe. The gang tries find Mario and must go through multiple portals (or otherwise challenges) to find Mario. After completing the challenges the gang finds Mario in the force field. Then they briefly see SMG0's full form. The Mario starts to become larger and soon looks like Dark Mario. After the rap battle, Melony enters Axol's "Prison". Despite Melony's protests, Axol says that the only way to end Zero and that is to kill him. Melony gives Axol one final kiss before doing his request. [1]

A few days later, Melony has partially recovered from Axol's death and is comforted by her friends. SMG1 and SMG2 then reveal that SMG stand for Super Meme Guardian. SMG3 and SMG4 have finally become friends, Axol's iconic manga that is him confessing to Melony is zoomed on before the final scene is the USBs of the SMGs being removed (presumably by Luke), ending this arc for good.


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  • This arc is tied with The Anime Arc for having the most episodes. It beats the anime arc in total runtime due to two episodes being 30+ minutes.
  • This is the first arc in the series:
    • To not have the word "The" in the title.
      • It previously lacked the word "Arc" in the title as well when it was named "Super Meme Genesis." That was until it was renamed to "Genesis Arc" sometime during its run.
    • To have more than two arc episodes released non-consecutively.
    • To directly retcon a character's history to match the story.
    • In which one of the included episodes is a movie.
    • In which Meggy Spletzer only has minor appearances or cameos, as she is vacationing in Port Aurora until her return in SMG4: She's Back!.
      • Even after returning, she's mainly limited to supporting roles due to the arc's emphasis on the SMGs, the avatar, and Axol and Melony's relationship.
    • In which Luigi plays a supporting role, only having only three major roles.
    • To include an episode of If Mario was in... as part of the arc.
    • To remove an episode from the playlist, with the removal of SMG4: The Internet Graveyard and SMG4: SMG4 Goes Insane.
    • In which the main antagonist is a completely original character not in any way related to Nintendo, as Waluigi, Peach, Francis and SMG3 all come from or are related to the Mario franchise, Bob Bobowski is a Garo, which originates from the Legend of Zelda franchise, and Desti, Team Killer Ink and Shadow Meggy are all related to the Splatoon franchise.
    • Where one of the characters are brainwashed into being an antagonist.
    • Where the main antagonist was already excessively heinous before the arc, as Waluigi and SMG3 weren’t that heinous before their arcs, Peach and Francis were initially allies of the heroes, Shadow Meggy came into existence during her 'arc', and Desti and Team Killer Ink are merely jerks.
    • Where in Axol plays an antagonist role, or otherwise being the main antagonist of an arc.
      • He is an antagonist as long as Axol is possessed by SMG0.
    • Where the main antagonist doesn't have a ludicrous motive for his plan (compared to the other arc villains, at least. Waluigi because he wasn't a fighter in Smash, Bob because he wanted to be famous, Francis because he wanted an island of waifus, and SMG3 because he wanted to steal SMG4's fame).
    • Where a major (main) character dies.
    • Where there is a romance subplot and confession.
    • Where the new (surviving) characters (SMG1 and SMG2) don't become series mainstays.
  • This is the second arc in the series:
    • In which SMG3 plays a main role, the first being the YouTube Arc.
    • To have the main antagonist be a new character, the first being The Anime Arc with Francis (excluding his background cameos in SMG4: AREA 64 and SMG4: Doki Doki Mario Club).
    • In which Fishy Boopkins and/or Bob Bobowski are not directly responsible for the conflict, as the latter is only indirectly responsible for the conflict by indirectly freeing SMG0 by ignoring the expired Antivirus subscription.
    • In which one of the main characters is a specific target in the villain's plan (Meggy Spletzer in The Anime Arc being the first, Mario in this arc).
    • In which SMG3 is a protagonist. The first one being the The Waluigi Arc wherein he makes Waluigi's mood back to normal.
      • In this arc, SMG3 serves as an 'Anti-protagonist'.
    • Wherein a character dies. The first being the The Anime Arc
    • To end on a bittersweet note, considering the fact that, while SMG0 is defeated and the universe is saved, Axol died after being killed by Melony.
  • This is the third arc in the series:
  • This story arc seems to be inspired from The Matrix franchise created by The Wachowskis.
  • This arc is the darkest in the series, with the others being the Anime Arc and the Youtube Arc. This is due to the main villain never being played for laughs, many episodes being mainly horror elements, and the death of a main character, Axol, who sacrificed himself to end Zero.
  • The beginning of this wiki page was read by SMG4 in SMG4: She's Back!, from a book titled 'Genesis Arc Wiki'.
  • After SMG4: Doomsday but Mario is Okay was released, the channel banner was changed to SMG4 and Mario heading towards 0 to save Axol, who is in front of SMG0, represented by a black mass with tendrils coming out of it. After SMG4: Mario and The Backrooms was released, the channel banner was added with SMG3 and SMG0 covering more of the right side of the banner, while Axol changed into his possessed form. After War Of The Fat Italians 2021 (Official Trailer) was released the channel banner was added SMG2 and SMG0 covering more and more of the right side of the banner, while Axol has change to his 2nd stage of his possessed form. After SMG4: The Final Piece was released, SMG1 joins the other SMGs and Mario as Axol now faces them in the final stage of his demonic possession, surrounded by the eyes of SMG0.
  • Strangely, the majority of the bloopers in this arc accidentally use the 2018 - 2019 logo.
  • The Genesis Arc is very different from the other Arcs because the other Arc had existing themes, but Genesis Arc is about a theme that Luke had come up with all by himself.
  • For this arc, Luke & Kevin have created at 7 new ragdolls.
  • On September 16, 2021, SMG4 released the models for SMG1, SMG2, and all three Eldritch Axol models on the GMod workshop[1], making this the first instance where the models for arc characters are released before the finale of the arc they debuted in.
    • As SMG0 is defeated and Axol is now dead, this marks the only instance where "one time models" are released to the public.
  • After the Genesis Arc ended, the channel banner was changed again to a picture by therealseawhale that includes Axol holding Melony in his arms.


Rest in Peac Desti, Greg, Spudnick & Axol.

Thank you for being part of the SMG4 universe.


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