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The Glitchy Massacre was an incident that occurred on August 8, 2020, during the events of SMG4: Deleted, during The YouTube Arc, in which seven of the present eight members of SMG4's Gang, as well as Susan Wojcicki, were banished to the Internet Graveyard by members of SMG3's Gang, during a storming of the latter gang's castle base in the Mushroom Kingdom.


SMG3, the head of Snitch Productions and his own gang, was spiteful of SMG4 due to being jealous of the latter's popularity, leading him to try to copy his success, but always get pushed over and failed due to his unorthodox ways (by copying his videos and trying to kill him and his friends).

When he found an effective way to get rid of them using the stolen YouTube Remote, he used it to power a time machine that opened portals to each member's debut episode, in which their counterparts had to go to alter the past, except for Mario, Axol, and the classic characters, who don't have counterparts.


Out of all the present eight members during the storming, seven were glitched out massacred and were sent to the Internet Graveyard. Mario, the other member present at the storming, survived but was emotionally scarred. The victims included:


The following four are the members of SMG4's Gang which survived the massacre. Only Mario was present during the massacre. The survivors include:


The victims, along with Susan Wojcicki, was sent to the Internet Graveyard. Exactly a week later, Mario, the sole surviving member present during the massacre, managed to retrieve a cell phone owned by SMG3, allowing him and the gang to start the Glitchy Resurrection, and also started the Glitchy Revolution, to remove Snitch Productions from its reign over the SMG4 channel.


  • The incident happened exactly 2 years and 4 days after the First T-Pose Outbreak, a major event in The Waluigi Arc.
  • Presumably speaking, the victims were never actually massacred but had been sent to the Internet Graveyard and Mario has rescued all of his friends from there.
  • Theoretically, Whimpu did not need to enter Saiko's debut video to send Saiko to the Internet Graveyard, as sending Fishy Boopkins to the Internet Graveyard would prevent him from bringing Saiko to life and thus sending her to the place as well.
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