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GnR Shorts: Job Hunting is a mini-episode of the Guards N' Retards series uploaded onto TheAwesomeMario.


Welcome back swagmaster69696969 and Chris as they try to find themselfves new jobs...but where will they end up?


The Glitchy Boy intro, followed by a short version of the Guards N' Retards intro plays out. The video then begins with Swagmaster asking if they should get new jobs because their current's job location was bad in his opinion. Chris agreed and soon, they were trying new jobs.

Job 1: Fast Food workers

In this job, Chris told Swagmaster not to screw it up on their first day, which he replied that as it was a new job, he would have a new mindset. Soon, a customer, Big Smoke showed up and Swagmaster asked: "Hello there, how can i help your sexy ass today?" It did not go well with Big Smoke who angrily yelled: "AWW! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU JUST HIT MY SHIT!" while holding a baseball bat, causing Chris to sarcastically tell Swagmaster that he did the job well.

Job 2: Bank employees

In this job, Chris told Swagmaster that he was lucky to even get them to work in a bank and told him to not do anything stupid. Swagmaster replied that he now knew to not sexually assault people at work and then asked what was he supposed to do. Chris though said it was too late due to a customer being nearby. Swagmaster asked the customer, Shy Gal, what she needed and she requested for $200. Swagmaster then asked what he had to do now, which Chris replied he had to go to the back of the bank and get the money.

As Swagmaster, who was surprised to hear that the bank had money in the back, went there and was happy to see the huge pile of money because he thought some dumb person left it in there. He took it all and returned to Chris, who was naturally horrified. He told Swagmaster to put all the money back where he found before someone saw what he held but Swagmaster refused as he said that he got all the cash, causing Chris to remind him that they were working in the bank. Suddenly, a The Police caught both of them in the act.

Job 3: Cinema refreshment workers

Chris threatened Swagmaster that if he screwed up again, they could not be friends anymore and told him to give the popcorn to a customer, Old Man Hobo. Swagmaster easily did so and Old Man Hobo took one bite from his popcorn. However, he immediately died afterward. Chris, confused, asked Swagmaster if he really gave the customer popcorn but Swagmaster gave him rat poison because that was what he heard. Chris finally got the answer and suddenly angrily aimed his sniper gun at him, ending the episode.


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