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Not to be confused with his anime counterpart, Goombario, and Harold.

Goombas are minor characters in the SMG4 series.

They are mushroom-like creatures that serve as the Mario series' basic enemies. They are well-known for being weak, being easily defeated with a single stomp. They have appeared in almost all of the main-series games, as well as many spin-offs. They are led by the Goomba King and Bowser.

Goombas are minor characters in the blooper series made by SMG4, and have been shown to sometimes carry deadly Goomba diabeetus. They come from a secret Goomba village only joined Bowser after he posted an advertisement promising that everyone who joined his army would be payed one coin a year. They eventually betrayed Bowser due to the low pay and suffering many casualties and returned to their village. They end up returning after Bowser offers them free dental.

Notable Goombas



  • Goombas can apparently hold objects and other things despite not having arms.
  • Many Goombas appeared as part of the Anime Cartel.
  • For some reason, Goombas love getting free dental despite having only two teeth.
  • Sometimes, female variants with eyelashes are seen in some videos, but not often.

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