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Goomba diabeetus is a fatal disease spread by Goombas in Mario Simulator. The disease's appearance were in the Retarded64 video of the same name, where is serves as a way to die in the game, and in Ssenmodnar 9, during a Moments with Steve scene, Steve got the virus after humping his so-called girlfriend, who was actually a Goomba. Later in another scene, a Goomba with Steve's head is shown near a few Goombas.


Goomba diabeetus is transmitted upon the physical contact of a Goomba carrying the disease.


A person who has acquired the disease will fall to the ground dead within a few seconds if he got touched by a goomba, or will grow a goomba body if he raped a goomba. For whatever reason, Wilford Brimley's disembodied voice can also be heard saying "diabeetus". As of yet the only known cure is a super mushroom.

Game mechanic

Goomba diabeetus is a lethal status ailment in Mario Simulator. Acquiring it will cause the player's avatar to die or grow a goomba body in the manners described above. In the case of the default Mario simulator mode, Mario will respawn at his house.