Goombini is a minor character and antagonist that first appeared in SM64 Bloopers: SECRET LIFE OF GOOMBAS. He is the mayor of the secret Goomba Village. 



In his debut episode, he convinced the Goombas to abandon Bowser and return to the hidden village they live in. He sent two Goombas to capture Mario, and once they did, he sentenced Mario to death by crushing him with a fat Goomba, very likely mirroring what Mario has been doing to Goombas for 30 years. When Goombs rescued Mario, he was determined to still kill Mario. At the end of the story, he questions why his Goombas left to fight for Bowser again, but he gets stomped by Mario. It is unknown if he is still alive or not.


While it is very clear Goombini hates Mario and Bowser, two of the main characters of the show, he is not a true villain. He cares deeply for Goombas and would do a lot to protect them. However, he did not understand why Goombas wanted to help Mario, who is a dear friend of Goombs, so his hatred for Mario does have negative effects on him.

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