The Goose is the main character of the indie game Untitled Goose Game and was minor character in SMG4.


SMG4: Untitled Mario Video

He makes an appearance by stealing Mario's lunch, and going down a hole stealing Mario's cap along the way. As Mario reached him, he then wanted to teach Mario about minimalism and righteousness after he noticed his gluttony. However, it was clear that the lesson was an excuse for him to have his help to wreck havoc in town.

As Mario wakes up from his dream, he then continued his lunch, seeing the goose swimming on the lake. When he greets the goose, it then got shot by Bob, who wanted to have Peking duck for dinner (despite being a goose.)

Criminal Record

Despite being a goose, he has a criminal record.

Genocide and Murder: He nuked half the town and killed the protesters, Peach, Meggy, Bob, Fishy Boopkins, Tari and SMG4. although it was revealed that it was a dream and that Bob is not dead, meaning Meggy, Peach, SMG4, Tari, and Fishy Boopkins are also still alive.


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