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Grand Theft Mario - If Mario was in... GTA V, often more simply called If Mario was in... GTA V, is the 251st video released by SuperMarioGlitchy4. It is the first video labeled as Grand Theft Mario.


Mario gets sucked into a pipe, and finds that he ended up into the world of GTA V! He goes into a crazy adventure with new friends there!


The video begins when Mario walking around when a mysterious Pipe pops up. The pipe then sucks up Mario, with Mario wondering where he is going. The title card then appeared, with Franklin Clinton dancing to the song. After that, a pipe appeared in which Mario comes out and fall on the road. He then gets angry and says "Motherf*****", but was then surprised by the fact that he is in a city called Los Santos. Mario then said that Los Santos is beautiful. He also think because the city is real, he says that himself looks real sexy. A unknown viewer then looked at Mario and says "Sweet Merciful Crap!", since Mario looks ugly. Mario then saw two woman and yelled "Damn!", removed his cloth and show them his body, which made the citizens run away in fear. As a result, Mario then says "Dammnit! Every single time!" Mario then put his cloth back on and begins crawling on the road. He then saw a hobo and ask if he can help him. The hobo then gets out a gun and said he is starving and want to eat him. Mario then throws a poison mushroom at him, causing him to get high and thinking he is a f****** pretty princess and fly up, in which he shoots a building with a gernade launcher. Later, Mario said he doesn't want to be like a Italian hobo and said he is going to be like his parents. Mario then saw a man with a Chihuahua hot dogs stand. Mario then ask him if he got any food, in which the man gives a thumbs up and start making a hot dog. He then brings a hot dog to Mario, in which it is revealed to cost $20. Mario then yells "S***! Come On!" since he has 0 coins. He then turns around and find a bridge and think he can get money out of the bricks under it.

So he tried to get coins by breaking the brick at the bridge, but failed. His head is also twisted as a result, as he thinks he is going to be ok. He then wonders why Los Santos looks sideway. A surgeon then showed up in front of Mario, in which Mario thinks he looks like Toad, since he has an afro on. Mario then calls the surgeon Toad and tell him to give him some money for the hot dog. The surgeon then tells Mario to p*** off and flips him off. Mario was shocked at first, but then he got angry and called him a son of a b****. Mario then attack him, killing him with an explosion, and called him a b****. Mario then says that he is the best. Suddenly, he realized he got a wanted star and realized the police are coming, causing him to run away. On the way, mario saw a woman and her pet turtle, in which Mario jumps on the turtle and killing him, causing the woman to ask Mario what he is doing, as well as increasing Mario's wanted stars to 2. However, Mario think that was nice as the police arrive. Police then told Mario to stop right there, but a police gets hit by another police car, causing him to yell "B***S***!" as Mario continues to run and scream. Mario then ran into a alley and saw Franklin who is gunpointing and trying to kill a man. Mario then thinks that the man is in trouble as Franklin says that nobody should play him like that and that if the man comes after his business, he comes after him. The man then plead Franklin to not hurt him, in which Franklin responded by telling him he is a sexy little thing, causing him to scream. Mario then tells the man to take a power up as he throws a fire flower at the man, which made him caught on fire. Franklin then wonder what happened as Mario got mad for killing the man. Franklin then ask Mario what was that, in which Mario panics. Franklin, however, praises Mario by giving him two thumbs up and telling him he is good at shooting, in which Mario thanks for the praise. Suddenly, Mario's wanted stars have increased to 3 as the police arrived, causing Mario to be surprised as the police surrounds Mario and Franklin. The leader of the police, Police Offica of Da Law, then jumps down to the top of a roof, telling Mario and Franklin to stop breaking de law, as well as calling them an a**hole. Franklin then face palm himself, realizing he is in a s*** again and proceeded to walk way, with Mario going after him. Franklin and Mario then runs to Franklin's car to try to escape. Mario then plead Franklin to take him as well. Franklin then ask Mario who are you, in which Mario tells him that he is Super Mario. Franklin then was confused with the answer, in which Mario shows him a copy of his game called "Super Mario Bros.". Franklin then called the game stupid, in which Mario was triggered. Mario then gets angry at Franklin by yelling "Oh Hell No!" as Franklin gets inside his car. The police then called Mario a f***** from behind, saying that they are going to get him as they rap. Mario then quickly get into Franklin's car as Franklin begins to drive away.

Franklin then ask Mario if his heart can take this police chase. Mario then responded by saying he is number one. Franklin then accidently hit a obstacle, in which the car ended up flying, causing Mario to scream in panic mode. The car then crashed on the road, causing some damage as Franklin continues to drive. Franklin then guess that is something to look foward to as Mario is flatlined. Franklin then passed a gun to Mario, saying he need some help to get the police of their tail. Mario then begins to rapidly fire at the police, but he accidently headshots a clown and shot a man, in which an old man and a gang memeber got angry at Mario since Mario stole their kill. Franklin then thinks Mario is bulls****** him, as Mario says Motherf*****!. Then they proceed to switch roles, as Franklin decided to be the shooter, while Mario is the driver, while telling Mario to watch out. Franklin then fires a few shots at the police, while Mario begins to panic, thinking he cannot drive. Mario then says that he needs power ups to calm him down. Suddenly, he saw a bag of shrooms (which is drugs), and ate them, causing Franklin to tell Mario to get off the driver seat. However, the drug took effects as Mario begins to scream in excitement and going insane, causing him to see Mario Kart hallucinations. Franklin then thinks Mario is high as the Mario Kart hallucinations continue. As the hallucinations continues, Mario saw some question blocks and decided to drive to them, only to hit a gang member and the building wall, in which Franklin yells "What the f***!". Mario, still in his hallucinations, then waits for the power up from the question blocks, in which it is revealed to be "Pingas!", making Mario scream in excitement. Mario then tells the police, mistakening them to be Luigi, to take the Pingas power up and throw it, later revealed to be a gernade in real life and causing a police car to explode. Franklin then said that this situation is total bulls*** and tell Mario to give him the wheel. But Mario said he wants to continue driving as the car hit a rock, sending it flying again and crash into the water canals. The police then arrived at the scene and shoot randomly. Meanwhile, Franklin and Mario is holding their breath underwater in the car. The police dispatch then tells the police they are idiots since she thinks Franklin and Mario got away (even though they are hiding underwater), causing a police to yell the F word. As the police drive away, Mario thinks that was pretty good as they got out of Franklin's car and the water. However, Franklin, who is mad at Mario for drowning his car, punches him and knocking him out.

When Mario came to, he yells "Mama Miya!" and saw Trevor Phillips, who says hi to him. Mario then was suprised and yell "Jesus!" and punch him. Michael De Santa then face palm him self, asking what is this bulls***! Franklin says that he doesn't know, while Mario asking who are they and are they going to eat him. Trevor then says that Mario is delicious and ask if he is a man or an ugly chick, causing Mario to tell Trevor to shut up and throw a frying pan in his face, which severely injure him as a result. Franklin then tells Mario this was rude, but Mario says that he is hungry and ask them have they got any food. Mario then walks into a room and was surprised when he saw some strippers and men. Realizing he is in a strip club, Mario then begins to take a hard breath as Michael comes in. Michael then said Mario is kidding him as the strippers and men panic and run away (with a few men exploding), since Mario takes off his cloth and begins to move around the room. Michael then says "What the hell?!" and ask Mario why does he exist. Mario then tells them that they didn't tell him that they are rich. Trevor then says that he though he is the idiot around here, in which Michael tells Trevor to shut up, since he is not having a good day. Michael then held gunpoint at Mario with his gun, telling him to not lose his patience. Mario then tells them they would not kill a cute naked italian, saying that he is number one. Trevor then tells Mario he is not fooling anyone and that they all think he is a d***. Franklin also agrees with Trevor, since he think Mario looks that way. Michael, still holding Mario at gunpoint, then says that is that, motherf*****!. As Mario begins to panic, he suddenly think of an idea and tells them if they want an awesome root, as well as telling them that he has a heist in mind. Michael, still not convinced, asks Mario if there are any good reason for that. Mario then explain that it is a place that has stuff that will make everyone the happiest man in the world. Michael, still not sure what to say about that, remove his gun and agreed. Mario then becomes happy and tells them to get going.

Mario then brought Franklin, Michael and Trevor to a convenience store called Spaghetti n' stuff, in which Michael reacted by saying "You have got to be s****** me!" Trevor then says he no longer find this funny, as Mario explains to them that this place have some nice stuff, especially spaghetti, while also calling them stupid. Michael, who was offended because Mario called him stupid, begins to run away and gets hit by a sticky bomb. Mario then gets mad and screw at them and enters the store. Mario then face the cashier, in which the cashier ask Mario if he can take his order. Mario then tells the cashier to put the spaghetti in his bag, only for the cashier to tell Mario "Oh hell no!" and waving his finger at him. Mario then gets made at the cashier and pulls out a RPG, in which the cashier yells "Oh F***!" as Mario shot the cashier with it, killing him. Franklin then yells "Damn!" from the outside and wonder what the h*** happened as the explosion destroys the store. Mario then come out and tell Franklin, Michael, and Trevor the cool spaghettis that he stole. Franklin then face palm himself, while Michael begins raging and screams out the F word. Mario then tells Michael to cheer up and give him and Trevor 1 mushroom each. However, the mushroom drugged Michael and Trevor instead, with Michael saying that he is not thinking straight and that it is a big mistake. He then saw Trevor turned into a woman and yells "Oh my god!". In the meantime, Trevor says that he is a drunken loon and saw Michael turned into his mom, causing him to wonder what the f*** is going on. Michael, still seeing hallucination of the woman, says that he loves Trevor, while Trevor, still seeing hallucination of his mom, tell Michael that he thinks he love him, too. Michael then says that he like this one. Trevor then asked Michael if he is getting hot, saying that he is hot, too. Mario then called this scenario wonderful as Franklin continues to facepalm himself. Michael then gets into a strange position, telling Trevor to move that sweet a**, while Mario said love is beautiful isn't it. Franklin then yells "Oh no man no!!!" as the police suddenly arrived again, causing 5 wanted stars to Mario, Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. Michael then said "Great! Cops." as he put his hands up. A police officer then tells them to stop right there as he randomly shoots with his gun. Mario then says "Oh No!" as Trevor tries to escape. However, Trevor hits the convenience store windows(most likely due to the mushroom drugs) and fainted. Mario then says that he is here to save the day, while also saying he doesn't want to do this as he takes off his cloth. Mario then ask the police officers why can't they be friends. However, a police officer called Mario a molester, causing Mario's wanted stars to be increased to 21 or more, as well as making Mario scream. The Police Officer of Da Law then appeared from the sky with a police car, telling Mario to stop breaking the law, as well as calling him an a******. The police car then hits Mario, killing Mario, Franklin, Michael, and Trevor, with a wasted game over screen appearing on the screen. The police then locked them up inside a prison, with Franklin still facepalming, Michael standing, and Mario saying "Oof!" as he was surprised by the turn of the events. Trevor then appeared with his shirt off and dances to Caramelldansen as the episode ends.

I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on."
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  • This is the first time in Season 5 that the intro at the beginning of the video is not shown. In this case, a warning message appeared in its place.
  • Most of auto is from Robot Chicken.
I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on."
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