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He's the imposter! RUN!

—Green Crewmate

Green Crewmate is a member of the crew in SMG4: If Mario Was AMONG US.... Along with the other Crewmates, he was in charge of repairing Peach’s castle. Mario mistook him for Luigi as he was dressed in green.


Green crewmate wears a green astronaut suit through out SMG4: If Mario Was AMONG US... with a big visor to see through. This costume is the one that Green Crewmate's workmates also use, with the only change being the coloring. It is also said by Mario that his head looks similar to his brother Luigi. He also has humanlike hands that are not connected to his body, just like his other crewmates.

Beacause of Green Crewmate's color, and his head's similarity to Luigi's, Mario mistook Green Crewmate as his brother, leading to him being called Luigi through out the episode.


Alongside his 6-member work crew, Green Crewmate was putting one of Peach’s paintings when he was found by Mario, who grabbed him and spun him around. Mario mistook him as his brother Luigi as they had the same color and also that Mario thought his face just looked like Luigi. But as soon as Mario let go of him, he was thrown into the Peach mosaic room. Mario is sorry and even remarks Green to "fix Peach’s ugly face” while Green builds a new computer in the room. However, Mario hears something heavy fall in the front room. as he went check it out he finds the body of Purple Crewmate lying on the floor, reporting the body.

In the meeting, the Green Crewmate defends Mario from his work colleague Red Crewmate to not get him voted out, but thanks to everyone thinking it was the Blue Crewmate, Mario survives the first round. Green and Mario do more tasks together. Mario protects Green, while Green actually does the work. While Green fed Barack Obama, who lives in the castle pond. Mario noticed a opened vent in the room and asked Green if Peach set up vents in the castle but Green doesn’t know.

Later as he and Mario cleaned the mirrors, a power outage occurs and Green directs Mario to follow him, with Brown and Yellow Crewmate, but as soon as Mario turns the lights on, Yellow Crewmate's body is found on the floor dead, and an emergency meeting is called. Red Crewmate accuses Green Crewmate of committing the crimes but after Mario and Brown take his side Red Crewmate is thrown into space but is revealed to not be the impostor, like Brown had said, so Brown tried to convince Mario that it was Green Crewmate but after he realizes that his story had a vent in it, it's revealed that Brown was the impostor all along. A chase scene follows. At end of it, it is revealed that Brown was a Xenomorph all along before it gets shot by Green Crewmate.



In the episode, he was treated as Mario's sidekick, as he was mostly always by his side.

Though he was not actually his brother, he and Mario got along well. He eventually saved Mario from the impostor.

Xenomorph (Brown Crewmate impostor)

Alien enemy. It killed all of Green Crewmate's colleagues, destroyed their work and left one of their children without a father. Definitely Green Crewmate's greatest enemy.

Blue Crewmate and the other crewmates

Blue Crewmate,Yellow Crewmate, and Purple Crewmate are Green crewmate's workmates. They worked together to renovate Peach’s castle, before they got killed one by one by Xenomorph. Apart from Mario, Green crewmate's workmates could be considered Green Crewmate's best friends.

Red Crewmate

Unlike Green Crewmate's other workmates, Red Crewmate is seen as a minor antagonist in SMG4: If Mario Was AMONG US..., as he tries to vote out not only green crewmates, but also his best friend Mario. Fortunately he gets voted out and dies as part of Xenomorph's plan.


In SMG4: If Mario Was AMONG US..., Green crewmate is mistaken by Mario to be Luigi, even though they had not met. This meant that the only time we see Luigi and Green crewmate together is at the end of the episode, where he and Mario launched Luigi into space, because they thought that he was an impostor.


  • He was one of two Crewmates to survive the impostor, the other being Mario himself.
  • It was foreshadowed that he was innocent despite Brown's claims of him being the impostor, he was seen performing tasks, something an impostor is incapable of doing. He was also with Mario most of the time.

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