Not to be confused with Greg.


—Greg's first and last words before dying after Mario accidentally kills him, SMG4: Stupid Mario Arcade

Greg The Alien was a minor but pivotal character in the SMG4 series.

He was an alien who first appeared on SMG4: Mario Raids Area 51. He was captured by the FBI, but he was eventually rescued by Mario.


He debuted in SMG4: Mario Raids Area 51 when his spaceship landed on a beach where Mario and some other members of SMG4's Gang were playing volleyball. Mario found him and named him Greg and had a fun day with him until the FBI took him to Area 51. Mario, with Shroomy's help, comes to Greg's rescue.

In SMG4: If Mario Was in... Minecraft, Greg is shown to be "eating" spaghetti with Luigi right before it gets taken by the Enderman.

In SMG4: Stupid Mario Arcade, Mario accidentally killed him in a game of Space Invaders. In SMG4: Mario VS Youtube, it is revealed that Greg had indeed died.


He was a green alien with black eyes.


While he was almost never shown speaking, he seemed to enjoy Mario’s company. He may be dead inside since he never interacted with Mario when he first met him. However, at the end of the blooper, he gives a smile to Mario, showing that he is grateful to hospitality and friendliness.

It's later implied that he was a bit weird, as he somehow changes the Wi-Fi password at Mario's home. He was also responsive from time to time, clapping Mario's performance at one point.



  • His model originates from the Pro Skater level of Tony Hawk's Underground 2.
  • Greg possibly has affiliations with the Aliens from SMG4: Mario Gets His PINGAS Stuck In The Door.
  • He is one of the few characters whose death is played for drama.
    • He is the third recurring character to be seriously killed off, after Desti and Francis.
      • Unlike Desti and Francis however, Greg was not almost exclusively tied to an arc.

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