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Guards N' Retards, often called GNR for short, and sometimes in a full form Guards and Retards, is a series of videos created by Luke Lerdwichagul in the year 2014 which is based on the video game GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64. It follows the lives of Chris and Swagmaster69696969696, two guards who work at Fresh Spaghetti Tubbie and get into crazy adventures and stuff. The series is much less popular and less famous than his Super Mario 64 Bloopers and Sonic the Derphog, although it has been around for quite some time. It was eventually merged with the main SMG4 series starting with SMG4: Mario's Prison Escape.



The Guards N' Retards series started in February 2014 and currently has eight episodes.

No. In Series Title Card Title Airdate
1 NoImage.png "The Butt Ninja" February 23, 2014
Meet chris and swagmaster69696969669. they are two guards guarding a spaghetti factory. This is a little crappy(according to everyone) series i made just so i can make it a bit more diverse.
2 NoImage.png "Pointy Things" April 6, 2014
come on a misadventure with these two chris and swagmaster69696969. guards of a spaghettti factory and victims of many stupid empolyees. today they go after boobies. there's also a douche named sergeant mark but hyou don't need to worry about him. what will happen?
3 Guards n Retards- Prisoners.jpg "Prisoners" June 29, 2014
Meet chris and swagmaster69696969669. they are two guards guarding a spaghetti factory. today they have been promoted to a new job! prison guards. how will this turn out? visit my facebook!
4 NoImage.png "Swag Party Hostages" October 12, 2014
Meet chris and swagmaster69696969669. they are two guards guarding a spaghetti factory. today...Oh no chris has been taken hostage! oh wait i mean its a swag party and swagmaster aint invited. aww hell no! he's gonna find his way into that party.
5 Guards n Retards- Le Train Breach.jpg "Le Train Breach" April 12, 2015
Meet Swagmaster69696969 and Chris, two everyday guards who are quite the odd couple together and both who go on plenty of weird misadventures together.

The two guards are on board a train where an important item is in the process of being stolen...(i know not many of you watch this series but some feedback would be nice)

6 Guards n Retards- Swag Magic.jpg "Swag Magic." December 7, 2015
Join 2 crappy guards: swagmaster6969696 and chris on weird fun adventures as they attempt to do their jobs as guards of a spaghetti factory: this time they have been suspended and a shady figure, ivan says he can help...(but he doesn't really)
7 Guards n Retards- Da Bomb.jpg "Da Bomb" November 20, 2016
After almost a year, Chris and SWAGMASTER are back in action. These two guards will do whatever it takes to stop their beloved spaghetti factory from being blown up. If you're new to this series let me know what you think!
8 Guards n Retards- The Vacation.jpg "The Vacation" January 13, 2018
Your two favourite spaghetti factory guards are BACK. Swagmaster and Chris have been on vacation for the past year and they've caused nothing but trouble since they've been gone.


The series currently has one short.

No. In Series Title Card Title Airdate
1 GnR Shorts - Job Hunting.jpg "Job Hunting" September 6, 2017
Welcome back swagmaster69696969 and Chris as they try to find themselfves new jobs...but where will they end up?


  • Guards N' Retards is one of two miniseries by SMG4 (the other being Sonic the Derphog) to not have the Mario characters as the main stars (although Mario characters do appear in most episodes).
  • All of the main characters on the series are voiced using text-to-speech programs; these include Speakonia and GoAnimate.
  • The series is based off the popular Machinima series Arby n' the Chief. The personalities and voices of the main characters are identical to those of Arby n' the Chief. This is also hinted with the main title of the series also have an "n'". The name of the series can also be based on American hard rock band Guns N' Roses as both names have "GNR" for their abbreviations as well as to the way they're both similarly spelled.
  • It is unknown if the series will come back, but it's most unlikely, as the word "retard" is now being a forbidden (i.e, guaranteed to get the video demonetized) word due to YouTube's change of its video policy.


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