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Guards N' Retards: Prisoners is the 185th video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4, and the third episode in the Guards N' Retards series.


After Chris and Swagmaster caught killing the prisoner, they got promoted to prison guards.


The blooper opens with Chris and Swag chasing after a prisoner. The prisoner pulls out a rifle and shoots Chris, making Swag destroy him with a rocket launcher. Sergeant Mark (who is apparently back from the dead) appears and is impressed with their work (despite the fact they needed to take the prisoner alive), and promotes them to prison guards.

While they are guarding, a prisoner is torn to shreds. A prisoner starts screaming, revealing himself to be Mario, who is begging to be let out. Meanwhile, Wario, in an opposite cell, starts laughing at him. Mario lights Wario on fire, making a second prisoner casualty. Meanwhile, the Crazy Woman kills 12 more prisoners. Suddenly, a cell explodes, and Luigi comes out riding his kart (death staring at the prisoners). He then crashes and explodes, killing another 88 prisoners. While Chris finds himself trapped with an "autistic bear" that is really an angry Teletubby. Swag takes selfies, causing the Teletubby to die of swag overload. Chris says that he's a bad guard, so Swag tries to cheer him up. He brings him a new prisoner named Gavin, and says they're going to make him happy. They think of how to react to Gavin's annoyances, which they do semi-well. When they go back to their post, an Old Man is banging on the cell door. He breaks out and attacks Chris, though Swag is oblivious. Suddenly, Swag notices that a prisoner was missing. Chris and Swag frantically search the facility. Suddenly, the prisoner (Steve) bursts through a wall riding Luigi's kart (which he stole). He runs over Chris and begins speeding towards Swag. Swag moves out of the way at the last second and Steve misses him. Chris and Swag chase after Steve. They corner him, and Swag shoots his tires, which causes him to crash into the wall. Suddenly, Steve hits a ? block and obtains a Star, and flies into the sky while flashing rainbow colors. Swag realizes that they're probably fired for letting the prisoner escape. Swag then suggests they draw pen*ses all over Sergeant Mark's desk, which Chris happily agrees to.




Exclusive photo released by SMG4 only on this wiki!

  • This is the first blooper where the song "Sad Violin" is played.
  • This blooper was inspired by Retarded64: Mario and the Retarded Spaghetti Factory.
  • A picture of this video was released prior to being uploaded. Uniquely to this blooper, said sneak peek was not on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or YouTube, but instead on this very Wiki!
  • This is the first time Mario characters appear in a "Guards N' Retards" blooper.
  • When Luigi is driving in his kart, he makes an angry face at the prisoners. This is a reference to his "Death Stare" from Mario Kart 8, which is very popular on the Internet. 
  • This is the first Guards N' Retards blooper that isn't being succeeded by a Super Pokeman 64 Blooper.
  • The sound playing in the intro when "Guards N' Retards" appears on the screen is the level complete theme from New Super Mario Bros., complete with Mario saying "Thanks, you-so nice!".
  • When the Teletubbie is attacking Chris, Swagmaster dances to the song #SELFIE by Chainsmokers.
  • When Swagmaster takes a Selfie, he dances spastically which is a popular meme in Goldeneye 007 where you tilt the cartridge, the method SMG4 used is unknown as he uses an emulator (Project 64).
  • This blooper is highly connected to Retarded64: Mario and the Retarded Spaghetti Factory.
  • This is the first video where Smg4 shows a sneek peek.
  • The scene when Swagmaster says "my rofl copter goes SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI" is an obvious reference to Chief's gag from "Arby N' the Chief"
  • The scene where Steve flies in the sky might be refrencing to Cooking with Bowser and Mario 2
  • This is the first Guards N' Retards episode to reach 1M+ views
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