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HITBOX: Mario And The Spaghetti Ninjas (NEW SERIES) is the first episode of Season 1 of Hitbox and the four hundred and thirty-fifth video overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This video was done in collaboration with Invincible Worldwide, which is also the channel collaborating for the series. It was aired on September 21, 2018.


Hitbox is Glitch Production's NEW video game themed action comedy series starring SMG4 and Kevin!

In this first episode, Mario & Luigi get their spaghetti stolen by some armed Ninjas...


The episode begins with Luigi sitting at the table. Mario then soon came over with his plate of spaghetti ready to eat it. Luigi suddenly wondered where was his plate to which Mario replied he ate it. Shocked that Mario did it again, Luigi pleaded with his brother to stop acting like a selfish person when Mario told him to shut up so he could eat at peace. Just as Luigi was about to resume, he suddenly saw some people approaching them. Mario though took no heed and ordered him to shut up so he could have the silent to eat. As the people got closer, which are revealed to be the Spaghetti Ninjas, Luigi tried talking his brother around to no avail. As the ninjas got closer, Luigi went off to talk with them. However, it did not last long as one of them suddenly grabbed him by the throat and threw him to the ground. They then surrounded him and began attacking him. Fighting back, Luigi battled the ninjas while Mario was oblivious to his surroundings.

Once he knocked out all the ninjas, Luigi went back to Mario injured. Mario initially told Luigi to eat some spaghetti but after a while changed his mind. Then, the Spaghetti Ninja Master came by wanting to steal the spaghetti for himself. Luigi tried warning Mario about the ninja master but quickly decided to engage him himself to which Mario agreed to. As Luigi showed some tiger claw action, the ninja master brandished a gun and pointed it at Luigi, deterring him from attacking. His demand was the spaghetti to which Luigi agreed to give to him. He went over and tried to take the spaghetti away from Mario, but naturally, he was not going to let his brother take it. Luigi stated there was the armed ninja master nearby to which Mario turned around to say hi. Despite that, he still would not let go of the spaghetti and they wrestled. That only caused the ninja master to get splattered with spaghetti, angering him. However, when his mask came off, he did the meme to which everyone else, even the Camera Girl celebrated. It was short-lived as the ninja master got his minions into a formation in the bid to attack the Mario Brothers, prompting them to run for it. It resulted in a wild goose chase and they ran outside the studio.

While escaping from the ninjas, Mario was doing the typical anime running pose. Although Luigi found it looked stupid, he also did it after Mario explained why he did the pose. This was followed closely after by the ninjas who also did the same pose to chase them. After a while, they reached back to the studio where Luigi said they lost them. Mario, being very fat, said he could no longer keep up, forcing Luigi to help his brother get back inside. Once they got back inside the studio, they realized in horror that the ninjas were waiting for them and that the ninja master was playing with the spaghetti. That caused Mario to collapse in sadness as the ninjas lined up to push Mario down. Not allowing his brother to be treated like that, Luigi proceeded to fight the ninjas one last time. He eventually won after defeating all of them just to see Mario asleep dreaming of spaghetti. When awoken, Mario said that he was productive by sleeping while Luigi goofed off. He then wondered where did all those ninjas come from and proceeded to loot them of their cans of spaghetti. Luigi asked if he could have some but Mario said no.

In the ending segment, Luke and Kevin thanked the viewers for watching the video, saying that this was different from the usual content and told them to check the people in the credits out because they made the video possible, especially Micheal Tang, who played the ninja master. The video ends with a credit roll and the ninja master stealing back a can of spaghetti.


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  • There's a special video that served for Hobo Bros's 100k subscribers, named Super Hobo Bros (A Mario in Real Life Action Comedy). It has quite similar fight scenes, with the addition of parkour movements. The only plot is to set out to save the princess (portrayed by Harry) from Ninjas.

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